Artisan Collection

24 06 2011

Lionel’s ARTISAN Collection models capture the spirit of some of railroading’s most treasured landmarks.


6-37933 MG Tower

MG Tower

MG Tower was opened in 1942 to handle increased traffic on the famous east slope of the Alleghenies.  Tucked against the mountains just west of Horseshoe Curve, MG (for Mid-Grade) controlled crossovers connecting all four tracks of the famous “Broad Way.”  These switches enabled operators to move fast trains around slower drags struggling up the 1.8% grades. 

MG’s unique architecture makes it instantly recognizeable and it is perhaps one of the Pennsylvania’s most known towers despite its isolated location.

The tower was used off and on after the war.  Eventually 4 tracks became 3 and the interlocking was remotely controlled.  Conrail finally closed the tower 17 years ago today, but the brick sentinel still stands silent watch over Norfolk Southern and Amtrak trains today.


6-37816 Rockville Bridge

Rockville Bridge

There are few landmark railroad structures as famous or as photogenic is Rockville Bridge.  Built in 1902 to replace an earlier stone and iron span, Rockville remains the longest stone arch bridge in the world.  Crossing the Susquehanna River north of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Rockville’s 48 arches once carried the four track mainline with important connections to the Northern Central route on each shore.

The number of tracks have changed, as have the names on the locomotives that cross it, but Rockville remains an impressive sight and a critical link in our national rail network.  Here is a contemporary views taken just this week. 

Rockville at Dawn

An ethanol train crosses Rockville at 5:00 AM under threatening skies.

Whether it’s an M1, a K4, or an SD70ACE – your models are going to look great passing these ARTISAN structures. Both are available now at  Be sure to check the Facebook page for a code that could save you an additional 15%.



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