This Week’s Customer Service Updates

8 07 2011

This week our Customer Service Team has been focused on streamlining our part descriptions in the system to
easily sort the parts we have.  From Mike Reagan, Director of Customer Service:


“All our lights, bulbs, etc. have been renamed to “lamp” and
have the voltage and amperage displayed as well as color, type of lamp and
whether it has a harness, is in pairs, triples, etc. A complete list of the
lamps we have available can be found here:

Replacement Parts: Lamp Diameter

“The search keyword is “lamp diameter.” Every lamp has the
diameter within the behind the scenes part description.  SO, if you enter
Lamp Diameter: 0.090” all the 90 thousands lamps will return.

“Coil couplers were streamlined as well. The
descriptions read: Coil Coupler / the mounting style / the overall length / the
style of connector on the ends of the leads. The individual photos explain the
mounting styles and how the length is calculated. You can find a complete list
of coil couplers here:

Replacement Parts: Coil Coupler
“The keyword is “coil coupler / mnt” to drill down to just
coil couplers.”

Look for parts lists on the Vision Line Hudsons and other recent arrivals like the SD60s and Hybrids next week!



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