The Lindbergh Special

14 07 2011

Lionel’s Legacy E6s Lindbergh Special Atlantics are now at dealers. A lot of background work went into creating Lionel’s latest rendition of this classic Pennsy engine.  Of all the E6s’, No. 460 stands out as the most famous.


Image courtesy of Deborah Reddig, Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

In 1927, this locomotive was chosen to pull as special two-car train from Washington D.C. to New York City for the International News Reel Company. The goal – be the first to deliver footage of Charles Lindbergh’s Presidential reception to the theatres. The competition had all chartered airplanes. But the Pennsy, with its fabulous Atlantics (and a baggage car equipped with a darkroom to develop film en-route) had the upper hand. For more on this record-setting run, read on. The prototype survived years of service on the Pennsy, being one of the last three E6s locomotives on the roster. With it’s famous 1927 run still well remembered, the locomotive was guaranteed a pardon from the scrappers’ torches and sent to the PRR Historic Collection in Northumberland, PA.

Years later, No. 460 traveled along with the remainder of the collection to Strasburg, the home of the new Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. In her 40+ years at the site, the Lindbergh Engine has been one of the most thoroughly researched and documented of all the Pennsy steamers. Today, she is in the process of one of the Museum’s most extensive restoration projects to date, to be cosmetically restored back to her proper appearance as she looked near the end of her long career. This restoration has already revealed many interesting and previously unknown facts about the locomotive’s service life. For example, after using a new paint removal technique, many of the buried part and maintenance marks were uncovered.  Parts from at least three other E6s locomotives have been found on her. It is historic archeology like this that makes the preservation of this one-of-a-kind artifact paramount in the Museum’s mission.

Lionel is proud to help support the effort to restore the Lindbergh Engine and the Museum. Without their help and dedication, we would not have the opportunity to bring you the accurate models you deserve. You too can help support the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, and possibly take home your own Lindbergh Special in the process! The Museum is raffeling a Lionel Legacy Lindbergh Special Atlantic and the baggage and coach cars. See their flyer for more information, stop by or call (717) 687-8628 ext. 3008 during normal business hours to purchase tickets.



3 responses

14 07 2011
George Higgins

The original locomotive 460 is being extensively cosmetically restored at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. A “must see” and well worth a trip to the musuem in Strasburg, PA!

5 08 2011
Tony Ford

Lindbergh has an “h” at the end. I figure if you’re a famous historical figure, you oughta have your name spelled correctly. Hopefully Lionel didn’t spell it like that on the box.

5 08 2011

Thanks for the catch – the fault was mine, not Lionel’s.

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