Customer Service Updates

18 07 2011

With all of the new announcements Friday afternoon, we held off last week’s customer service report until today.  As you can see, our team has been busy. Here’s what’s new in our online customer service this week:

SD60 parts

6-28312 BN SD60 #8301 parts

New Parts Sheets

Hybrid Locomotives

Vision Line 700E Hudsons


I’ll let Customer Service Director Mike Reagan tell the rest:

“We have found a good pile of Postwar parts and have subsequently
updated the part descriptions with the Postwar part numbers. The descriptions
look like this

“2-WHEEL TRUCK (POSTWAR # 53-14). The keyword for sorting
these parts is “Postwar part number”. There are several hundred more to go, but
this will help folks get started.

“Spent 48 hours streamlining part descriptions too. A few of
the improvements are as follows:

All steam locomotive trailing trucks & pilot trucks are
now displayed as “2-WHEEL TRUCK / TRAILING / LOCO IT BELONGS TO”  and also
“4-WHEEL TRUCK / PILOT / LOCO IT BELONGS TO”.  The same applies to tender
trucks too. Sorting keyword is “-wheel truck”.

“Other part descriptions include “DC Motor”, “AC Motor”,
“Collector / Liondrive”, “Motor & Gearbox assy”

“We finally received motors to replace the motors originally
delivered in the pylon gearboxes, so we are able to repair any gearboxes from
the pylon’s, should they fail. These motors are assigned to all pylon parts

“That’s about it for now! Stay tuned for more this week!”

Thanks Mike for all of the hard work! Remember, you can find all of this information on under the Customer Service tab.



2 responses

20 07 2011
John Schwendler

Hi. any clue as to how to add comments on Lionel’s FB page? Some people are able to, but I haven’t found the door yet. thanks, John

21 07 2011

Hi John, for some reason your comment got caught in the spam blocker…we’ve moved it over to the wall where it belongs! Welcome aboard!

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