New Product Spotlight – Smoke Fluid Loader

26 09 2011

At Lionel, we strive to make our models as accurate and faithful to the prototype as possible. But sometimes, model railroading is all about the fun of it. So while you won’t find a prototype anywhere for our new smoke fluid loader (like the EPA would allow that!), there’s no reason you can’t add a little fun to your miniature world.

Smoke Fluid Loader
The new smoke fluid loader will add an element of fun to your layout.

The new 6-37821 Smoke Fluid Loader will dispense smoke fluid in any locomotive. With Comand System control, you can fill your smokeboxes hands-free. Pull your engine up to the spout, and use your throttle to turn the spout and dispense the fluid. The nozzle is regulated so you know you’re getting the propper amount. Swing the loader back into position and you’re ready to steam away. The accessory is fully programmable and you can assign it any address between 1 and 99.

Although it is fanciful in concept, the design of the loader ressembles real fuel depots. It will look right at home near your locomotive shops, coaling and water towers, or diesel fuel pad. It works on diesels too.

So get ready to add some foggy fun to your layout! This accessory is sure to turn a few heads.



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