New Product Spotlight

17 10 2011

Instead of just focusing on one new product this week, how about a quick peek at some of the new items we rolled out at Strasburg and York last week? We’ll be posting more photos and info on all of these soon… and even a few you don’t see here!

Lincoln Train

Simply Stunning! The new LRRC exclusive Lincoln Funeral Train. We'll feature this amazing model in more detail later this week.

MILW 261

We've got BIG steam too! The Milwaukee S3 is an impressive engine that will be storming your way soon.

J1 and K4

Pennsy fans get ready! The J1 and K4 are sure to meet your "standard."


One of the most popular attractions at the show - the American Flyer Challengers. Soon to ship, these beauties will be in stores in time for the holidays.


More for our Flyer fans - the U33C.

RRMPA boxcar

What better place to introduce the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania boxcar?

76 caboose

This BN caboose is the perfect match for the 1776 U33C or any patriotic layout.

smoke loader

Although it will be a while longer - here is a first look at the pre-production smoke fluid loader featured a few weeks ago here on the blog.



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