Lionel Days are Back!

2 11 2011

Saturday, November 5 will be a busy day at Lionel! Two of our Authorized Dealers are hosting Lionel Days. Come see us if you are in the New York or Boston area.

Lionel Day at Trainland

293 Sunrise Highway
Lynbrook,NY 11563

 Saturday, November 5

10:00am – 6:00pm

  • Lionel representatives will be there!
  • Lionel LEGACY Control System Demonstrations
  • Display of new products
  • Gift giveaways throughout the day
  • Free raffle to win a Lionel engine (drawing at 4pm)


Lionel Day at Charles Ro Supply Company

662 Cross Street
Malden, Massachusetts 02148

 Saturday, November 5

9:00am – 5:00pm

Come meet:

  • Jerry Calabrese, Lionel CEO
  • Tom Nuzzo, Lionel Events Department
  • Bill Leto, Lionel Marketing Department
  • Phil Hull, Lionel Service Department


  • Lionel LEGACY Control System Demonstrations
  • Free raffle
  • Free giveaways every hour


Please join us for these great events!



4 responses

2 11 2011
Alfonso Llana

It is a pity I am the most important (and only, ha, ha) Lionel operator and accumulator down here in Colombia, SouthAmerica. Not chance to attend such a wonderful event.
Envy, envy, envy.

3 11 2011
Jack Bartnick

I will be there at Trainland this Saturday it’s my 54th Birthday an its a great place to spend a day..

3 11 2011
Alfonso Llana

Although is a well known fact nowadays it still wonder me that most of us train lovers are fifty something people.

Happy birthday, Jack

13 11 2011


There are many more activities available to children and young adults that do not require a fairly large area to entertain them.

The many, simple electronic devices that can easily be hooked up to a television set can provide more than enough entertainment and activity to allow the present attention-deficit youth to occupy their playtime.

Nevertheless, it is the model train manufacturers that need to advertise and promote the educational aspects of the model railroading hobby.

Lionel has been trying.

Lionel has been featured on NBC’s TODAY show with a very detailed train layout for the past 2 years, though it’s uncertain if this will be repeated this holiday season.

Lionel did offer an “exclusive” Macy’s Department Store boxcar for four years in a row… but not last year.

They had merchandise displays in Target stores for a couple of years.. but not last year.

They had a display in some Walmart stores in 2009. But, not last year.

They opened a temporary Lionel store in New York City in 2009 and 2010…. but, not this year (2011).

And I have yet to read where Lionel will be sponsoring several Lionel train layouts in New York, as they have in the past…. as they have in Macy’s for the past three years.

If the “general public” doesn’t see model trains operating and for sale… how can one expect the hobby to survive past the present generation?

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