New Product Spotlight – American Flyer FasTrack

5 12 2011

Lionel modelers have been enjoying our FasTrack system for years now. With its built-in roadbed, sturdy construction and reliable performance it is well suited for almost any situation and skill-level. After a long wait and careful planning, the technology is coming to S gauge.


Our first release of track includes 10" straight and 20" radius curves. These are pre-production models - final colors and details may vary.

Our new American Flyer FasTrack will begin shipping later this year. Like the O gauge track, we’re starting with just a few basic pieces. A 10″ straight track, 10″ straight terminal track and a 20″ radius curve are part of the initial release. Curves are in 30 degree arcs, meaning it will take 12 to make a circle. We know you can’t build an empire on that however! Don’t worry, more lengths and radii are coming, along with turnouts, crossings and the like.

Track Connections

A close up reveals both the fine details and rugged track connections.

The new track system features a rugged plastic base with very realistic molded ties and ballast profiles. The solid metal rails have a correct “T” cross-section. Locking connectors on the base secure sections firmly and the rails are joined by small joiners similar to what you’ll find commonly on HO and smaller scales. (No more metal pins and hollow tubes.) FasTrack is great for temporary set ups, but we’ve provided mounting holes to secure it to a permanent platform as well.


The scale look of FasTrack helps showcase our new offerings like this Challenger.

Handling our pre-production pieces, assembly is just like the O gauge track; simple and secure. And as you can see, the proportions of the rail and track look amazing underneath our scale models like the new Challenger.

We are certain that this new track will make set up for our first-time S Gauger’s much easier. And as we continue to expand the line we are confident that our long-time fans will find it just as useful and perfect for their needs. Look for the first pieces to arrive soon, and stay tuned for more releases in future catalogs.



7 responses

5 12 2011
Alfonso Llana

Mmmmnnn…I have used 3-rail track all my life but one cannot deny this 2-rail track looks gorgeous.
Well done Lionel.

5 12 2011

Very nice. I look forward to longer sections of track and not just toy curves and switchs (turnouts).

5 02 2012

What is teh date for release of the switches?….I see them advertised on a few sites as an advance order product.

6 02 2012

We are working on more expansions for the American Flyer FasTrack line. It is a little too soon to release any scheduling information now, but you will see more in the near future.

14 04 2013
Jeff Basssett

Does the Lionel Fast-track work with the discontinued S Helper snap track?

15 04 2013

No, the track fasteners on S Helper’s track were proprietary. We developed our own system.

6 02 2012
Warren T, Harker (Tim)

WOW guys, love the new AF Fastrack!!! I’m buildinga 4’x24′ layout with a dual mainline. The benchwork is done, so it’s time to lay track, I’ll be using the Fastrack I’ne bought and look forward to running my Big Boy on this great track, I hope additional size straights, half straights and different radii curves as well as turnouts will be out in the near future, The future of S is a lot brighter thanks to you, Again, GREAT job!

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