Lionel NASCAR Brings Classic Die-Cast to the Forefront

7 12 2011

By Guest Author, Michelle Fannin

There’s nothing like a classic to conjure memories of simpler times and younger days.

Tony Lund die-cast

Racing legend Tiny Lund drove the No. 55 1940 Ford when NASCAR first began. It was recently released as a die-cast by Lionel NASCAR Collectables.

And classic die-cast is no exception.

That’s why the group at Lionel NASCAR Collectables is excited about NASCAR Classics – a new line of historical die-cast that pays homage to NASCAR’s roots, while giving long-time collectors exactly what they’ve been craving.

NASCAR Classics is a series of die-cast cars which recalls an era of unbreakable men, fast cars and scores that were settled on dusty ovals and white-hot asphalt – all in the form of die-cast cars which have never before been made.

No. 96

For the first time ever, the No. 96 Cardinal Tractor Ford which the great Dale Earnhardt drove to his first top 10 finish is now available in die-cast form through the new NASCAR Classics line, by Lionel NASCAR Collectables.

The premier issue in the NASCAR Classics line is the No. 96 Cardinal Tractor Ford Torino – the car Dale Earnhardt drove to his first top 10 finish in 1978 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

To precisely replicate the details of the 1978 Ford, the production team at Lionel NASCAR worked closely with Will Cronkrite, the owner and crew chief of this historic Earnhardt car.

Most recently, Lionel NASCAR released the 1940s Fords of racing legends Louise Smith, the first lady of NASCAR; Tiny Lund; Tim Flock and Ralph Earnhardt – the patriarch of the famous racing family.

Additional historic die-cast will be released under the NASCAR Classics brand in the coming months.

To find out more, be sure to follow Lionel NASCAR on Facebook and Twitter, and check out the NASCAR Classics page on the Lionel NASCAR site.

Editor’s Note: Michelle Fannin is the marketing/social media manager for the Lionel LLC company Lionel NASCAR Collectables.  She writes about NASCAR and NASCAR die-cast for the Lionel NASCAR corporate blog and social media sites.



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