A Lionel Christmas

8 12 2011

A Christmas tree isn’t quite complete until there’s a train under it! Lionel trains have been a part of American Christmas traditions for generations. Whether you set up a simple circle under the tree or an elaborate train layout with lights and accessories, toy trains are an inseparable part of the holiday season.

Santa's Flyer

Our Santa's Flyer set will add color and action around any tree or layout.

With a little regular cleaning and maintenance, Lionel trains can run for generations. If you’re unpacking your trains for the season, you may find these tips helpful as you get them running again. Of course in addition to treasured heirlooms, it is also fun to build upon or start new traditions. Today’s Lionel trains are on the cutting edge of the industry in detail, performance and effects like lights, sound and smoke. But even our most advanced models will still run on a basic power pack and lock couplers with your 60-year-old set.

If you’re putting a train around the tree this year, there is no better track system to use than our FasTrack. This sturdy track was designed with floor-running in mind. With an attached plastic base, the track not only looks more realistic, it locks together, maintains electric connections, and elevates your trains above the carpet fibers. It can also be taken apart and reassembled thousands of times – perfect for seasonal displays or when building larger layouts and more complicated designs.

Polar Express Set

The famous Polar Express is available in O, G and our Little Lines sets for believers of any age.

If its holiday trains you’re after, nobody can beat Lionel’s selection. From our whimsical lines like the “North Pole Express” and “Polar Railroad” to instantly recognizable models of childhood classics like The Polar Express, you’re sure to find a set that will fit with your Christmas villages and childhood fantasies. We have holiday trains available in our Lionel O Gauge, American Flyer S Gauge and G Gauge lines. And of course we’ve got tons of real railroads represented too – from classic Pennsylvania steamers to today’s BNSF diesels.

2011 holiday car

Keep the tradition going with annual holiday cars.

Get your holiday season started on the right track. And be sure to snap a photo or a little video of your holiday layouts and share them with us on Facebook. Following the new year, we’ll begin posting some regular tips here on the blog on how you can build upon your layout and make that train under the tree the start of a new model railroad!

All the best to you and your family this joyous time of year from all of us at Lionel.



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