New Product Spotlight – Operating Freight Terminals

19 12 2011

With Lionel, the action and fun never stops with the train. These operating accessories are sure to add a fun flare to your layout, no matter what the season.

Archive Freight Terminal

The Archive Collection Freight Terminal is a great accessory, and it has inspired some new variations on this common structure.

Based on the recently released freight terminal from our Archive Collection, these two new terminals are the perfect touch whether you favor the warm California coast, or joy of the North Pole. Freight terminals like this were common all around the country. Here goods were transferred between local customers and waiting rail cars for shipping to far-off locales.

At one end of the building, a long covered platform served trucks or wagons (or maybe sleighs on the North Pole Central.) As goods were unloaded they were taken through the packing house, sorted and then readied for shipment out by rail. On the rail end of the terminal, a moving conveyor belt delivers a never-ending supply of goods to waiting rail cars.

North Pole Terminal

The packages are already wrapped as they get loaded onto trains bound for all the good girls and boys.

Our Christmas Terminal (6-37965) rolls out wrapped presents and would be the perfect complement to any of our Christmas boxcars. The building interior is lighted, so you can keep shipping those gifts well into the night on Christmas Eve. You could add even more life to the scene by parking Santa’s sleigh along the other side, and maybe even add a few packages or unwrapped toys and some elves (HO scale figures?!) to the platform. Let your imagination run wild!

PFE Freight House

The Southern Pacific terminal has everything you need but the smell of oranges.

If your heart lies someplace a little warmer this time of year, take a look at the Pacific Fruit Express Terminal (6-37975). Crate after crate of fresh California citrus and produce can be fed into waiting cars. This would be a great compliment to our Santa Fe slogan reefers or any of the many PFE, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific, Santa Fe or even BNSF cars we’ve done. (Don’t forget head to the ice house (6-26834) to put ice in those reefers before you load ’em up!) Park a few small trucks at the dock and plant this terminal amid a grove of citrus trees and you’ve got a scene that will make you thirsty for some orange juice!

These accessories have made their way through their own processing centers and are on their way to a dealer near you now.



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