The Day After…

26 12 2011

There is nothing like the joy and excitement and tradition of Christmas morning. When I think back on my own Christmas memories, I remember December 26th just as fondly.

Christmas Train

The anticipation is over - but the fun is just getting started.

The morning after Christmas meant a day of peaceful relaxation and enjoying favorite treasures received the day before – a time to soak it all in. And of course for so many of those memories, a train was right in the middle of it. After all, the only thing better than tearing the wrapping paper off of a new train is finally getting it out of the box and onto the tracks!

All of us at Lionel hope your Christmas was filled with joy. And we want to make sure that the day after is just as special. If you’ve got a new train set, you’ve no doubt unpacked that long before you checked your computer to find this blog. If you’re having any doubts or troubles getting things going, our instructional videos may help. Check out the following titles to get started:


Best wishes for continued happiness throughout the coming year.

Or maybe there was a new locomotive or accessory under the tree. We have lots of familiarization videos and additional product support on our website as well, with more being added every week. If you are having any troubles and these tools haven’t helped, please drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help. You can reach us by email at or call 586-949-4100.

So kick back and relax, set up your trains, try out some new track plans, or add the new cars and accessories to your layout and let your imagination take you away. It’s the day after Christmas – the fun is just getting started!



2 responses

26 12 2011
Alfonso Llana

As a boy I never received electric trains as a Christams gift, an “error” I have corrected with the children in my family.
I was born and live in a country without the tradition of trains as toys (we don not even have the real ones!!) but the sight of those orange boxes still shakes my body.
I just remenber when in the early 60’s my dad open two misterious trunks that happened to contain the most wonderful Lionel trains he had bought when spent a time in the States.
To this day and though now I am lucky enough to have a lot of Lionel trains, those 1952 Lionel trains give me a sense of happiness that I cannnot explain but that I know you perfectly understand.

26 12 2011

Reminds me of CHRISTMAS 1954 MY first LIONEL TRAIN SET.. NOW have 12 different engines and over 34 freight cars and over 70 passenger cars .. THANKS LIONEL for improving your future LCCA MEMBERS .. TOM S GA

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