New Product Spotlight – 2-6-0s

16 01 2012

The Mogul, 2-6-0, was one of the most versatile designs of the Nineteenth Century. A nice balance between the speed of a 4-4-0 American and the power of a 2-8-0 Consolidation, the Mogul could be found in both freight and passenger service on railroads across the continent well into the Twentieth Century.

Strasburg 89

White flags flying and whistle blowing, No. 89 makes a fine impression as she handles an unscheduled run before the start of the official season in 2009.

Their design made them perfect for lighter density lines like branch lines and short lines. Capable of handling a variety of jobs and operating on lighter rail and sharper curves, they were ideal for the local freight or mixed train. As newer and larger steam locomotives took over on the main lines, these engines often held on until replaced by diesels.

The prototype for Lionel’s recent Mogul releases will be very familiar to many, if not for its original assignment for its current owner where she remains in operation today. Built in 1910 by the Canadian Locomotive Works as part of a group of Moguls for the Canadian National, later transferred to the Grand Trunk, the locomotive is best recognized today as No. 89 on the Strasburg Railroad. Interestingly, a sister CN Mogul occasionally still steams just a few miles away on the Middletown and Hummelstown Railroad (No. 91).

CN Mogul

Canadian National's Moguls were well cared for and served well on branch lines throughout Canada and the United States.

Near carbon copy locomotives were made for many U.S. railroads and companies by ALCo in the early decades of the Twentieth Century. The Mogul remains an ideal choice for today’s tourist railroads – light, powerful, easy on the rails, and classic good looks. It’s all the locomotive you need, without all the extra complications and costs of a “modern” or larger steam locomotive that you don’t.

Lionel’s Mogul

GN Mogul

Moguls weren't limited to Canada. Similar locomotives could be found all across the U.S. as well. Lionel's models feature numerous details to make each a closer representation of its prototype.

Like its prototype, our Mogul’s are designed to fit just about any railroad. These Conventional locomotives feature RailSounds, a fan driven smoke unit and plenty of weight to pull your trains. Numerous details are made appropriate for the prototype including headlight, marker light, ladder and pilot wheels. The tender features a working coupler and working water hatch for easy access to the sound controls. Best of all, they can be run from a conventional power pack and negotiate O-31 curves – perfect for just about every layout.

Wabash 2-6-0

The Wabash 2-6-0 would look great on a short mixed train of freight and passenger cars.

In addition to the Conventional Moguls decorated for the Strasburg, Great Northern, Santa Fe, Central Pacific, C&O, Rock Island, Bethlehem Steel and Weyerhaeuser, TMCC equipped locomotives are available for Canadian National, Boston and Maine, Wabash and New York Central. These have all the same features as, and will run with the Conventional models but are also compatible with the Train Master Control system.

All of the Mogul’s listed in the 2011 Vol. 1 and 2 catalogs have shipped. Look for yours at your dealer!



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6 03 2012
Robert E.

Wish they came in Legacy, would love to have one!

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