New Product Spotlight – The Acela

2 04 2012

The Acela is America’s fastest passenger train today, speeding between Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C. at speeds of up to 150 mph. The comfortable business and first class seating combines speed with an efficient and enjoyable place to travel. Lionel is bringing back the popular Acela in 2012 with several improvements over our previous runs.


The improved Acela is ready to add speed and service to your layout.

Lionel worked closely with Amtrak, using original construction and paint plans to bring you the most accurate rendition of the Acela possible. These trains are packed with detail and extras, both inside and out. The Acela is sure to be a hit for everyone who sees it. And with our improvements in this edition, we’re giving you even more control over the show.

The set features a powered and non-powered locomotive, a first class and business class car. A two-car add-on set provides the cafe/bistro and an additional business class car to lengthen the consist. The powered locomotive features Odyssey II control, dual motors, traction tires, and a crew in the cab to complete the look.  Both locomotives are equipped with several more amazing features:

add-on cars

Add to the consist with another business class car and the cafe/bistro.

  • LEGACY Control: Get the best control on the market. The locomotives are LEGACY equipped but will also work with TMCC, and conventional transformer control. We’ve improved the slow-speed performance in conventional control as well.

    sound recording

    It doesn't get any closer to real than this. Lionel's sound engineer Bruce Koball recorded the sounds for this model directly from the prototype.

  • LEGACY Sound: Recorded directly from the real train, the sounds bring the Acela to life. You’ll get a quillable horn with pre-programmed warning whistles, a single-clap or automatic bell, crew and dispatcher dialog with different scenarios. The trip sequence will provide proper background sounds for an entire run as you control the speed. And you get dialog from the conductor and crew with station calls, speed announcements and more.
  • Working Pantographs: watch the pans raise and lower automatically depending on the direction of travel. The electronics for these have been redesigned to be more robust and with thermal protection.
  • Operating LED headlights, marker lights, track lights, number boards, cab interior and oscillating ditch lights.
  • Scale couplers beneath the nose cones and numerous extra metal details.
bright lighting

Controllable LED lighting helps you highlight the interior details the way you want. From full intensity...

The action continues in the cars. When the train pulls into the station, you can open the doors with the press of a button on your cab. We’ve worked to improve the operating mechanism to minimize jams and added under-door lighting. The interiors feature scale details and passengers. You’ll be able to appreciate all of the interior wonder with the improved lighting system. You can control the intensity of the LED lighting with your CAB-2/CAB-1 remote from intense full lighting which will show off the details in even the brightest room to a more subdued and prototypical level, or turn them off completely. The lights will dim and increase gradually.

lighting-dim a more subdued level perfect for darker rooms and photography.

The cars are connected by a new innovative connection system. Full diaphragms also connect the cars. The train will operate over O-72 curves.

Retail for the set is $1,699.99. The two car add-on set is $499.99 and features the same features as the cars in the train set. Make the Acela the pride of your high-speed fleet this year!



10 responses

2 04 2012
Andrew Falconer

I must see this set operating in person. Is there somewhere in Michigan or Indiana where the new Lionel model of the Aclea is being demonstrated when it is released?

4 04 2012

I don’t know if we have any public debuts planned just yet, but at the very least I’ll try to get some video uploaded for you when the production run arrives!

5 04 2012
Rail Amour

Do you plan to offer another 2-car add-on set consisting of 2 business class cars to complete the full 8-car consist?

5 04 2012

I can’t say for certainty, but it is being considered.

12 04 2012

Will you include all the details from the original including the original interior design along with the tilting feature in the cars and the ability for the pantographs to collect electricity from overhead wires?

12 04 2012

The car interiors are all based on the prototype plans and are as accurate as possible. The other features, car tilting and pantograph power collection, could not be included practically in the design.

24 04 2012
Peter Colesworthy

Will the new innovative connection system allow the new Lionel Acela to negotiate 072 “S” curves?

20 07 2014
Philip Short

Is the 2012 edition of the amtrak acela available now? If it is, where can I get it? Where can I see it on video?

21 07 2014

I’m sorry, this product was discontinued and never produced.

17 08 2016
Philip Short

I would like to know why is Lionel procrastinating on the improved Acela. Lionel knew the problems with the first set. All they needed to do was to make the improvements and upgrades then sell it again. Make it right and people will buy. What’s so difficult about that. Wake up Lionel.

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