New Product Spotlight – Titanic Centennial Set

16 04 2012

The RMS Titanic made headlines on April 14, 1912 – and it hasn’t stopped fascinating for 100 years. The sinking of the Titanic is a story which resonates on both a level of the massive scale of the disaster and also in a very personal way as we identify with the families, victims and survivors.

Titanic Set

6-30187 brings the drama and excitement of the Titanic discovery home to your layout.

Add the excitement of discovery to your layout with the Titanic Centennial set. Lionel’s new Ready-to-Run set both commemorates the Titanic herself and celebrates the field of undersea exploration. This new set includes everything you need to get started.

The GP-9 locomotive features dual motors and a metal frame. Equipped with Railsounds RTR, you’ll hear the engine notch up, control the horn, bell and even crew dialog. The locomotive also features working front and rear couplers, transformer controlled forward / neutral / reverse, headlight and even working exhaust smoke.

The freight cars help tell the story. Two flat cars carry a pair of removable propellers and a submarine. Simulated hull fragments are carefully transported in their saltwater bath aboard our famous mint car model. At the rear of the train, appropriately enough, comes a lighted port-hole windowed caboose. All of the cars feature rugged construction and working couplers. All but the caboose feature sprung trucks.

Completing the set is an oval of FasTrack and a CW-80 transformer. See your dealer to order your set (6-30187). MSRP is $429.99. It’s the perfect way to add this moment of history to your layout.



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