New Product Spotlight – What’s New from York

22 04 2012

As opposed to a single product in the spotlight this week, we thought you’d enjoy a look at some of the new product on display at York and Strasburg this past week. If you couldn’t join us, here is your first look at some of what we’ve announced and a few things we haven’t!


Baldwin Centipedes

One of the “Biggest Hits” from the show had to be the new VISION LINE Centipedes. They’re so big you’ll really have to see these in person to appriciate them to the fullest.



More goodies for Baldwin fans. The distinctive shark nose RF-14s are back and beautiful. The Pennsy’s pinstripes look right at home on this carbody, but then the NYC Lightning Stripes look pretty good too!



Three versions of our new LEGACY GP-9s were on display, including Canadian National, Rock Island and Santa Fe. Each of these models is detailed to reflect its prototype including correct spark arrestors, bell location and dynamic brake options.


This new Seaboard C-420 is attractive and powerful. Alco fans are sure to enjoy this one! And the Seaboard’s paint scheme really pops. Alco RS-11s were also on display and will be shipping soon.

Burlington F-3

Zephyr F-3s

The first sample of locomotives for our California Zephyr cars were on display, an AB set for the Burlington. The silver locomotives are simply stunning and will look great on our aluminum passenger cars.



Also on hand for covered wagon fans, this Milwaukee Road F-7. Like the GP-9s, the many variations of small details on these models by roadname makes a big difference. Expect delivery in early summer.

Black Bonnet

Archive Collection F’s

If classic F units are more your style, check out the Archive Santa Fe and New York Central F-3s. The high-gloss finish on those Black Bonnets makes the bold colors stand out even more!


Factual or fictitious, it’s no wonder people have wanted to see these produced for years. The “Red Lightning” is another one of those great looks that might have been.

Military FAs

Saluting the Military

The U.S. Marine and Navy FA and FB locomotives are back! The reproductions of these highly-sought collectibles are sure to add action to your layout as part of a set or when used with our other military cars.

UP Caboose

Freight Cars Too!

The Union Pacific C-3 and C-4 cabooses are the perfect compliment to many of our UP engines and trains. And the safety slogans are a great reminder for everyone who sees the car – real or model.

USA Boxcar

MADE IN THE U.S.A. Boxcars

You’ve seen these before. You’ve been asking. You’ve been waiting. You won’t be disappointed. The Mount Rushmore boxcar project is still going strong, and you’ll see an official announcement in an upcoming catalog. And yes, they will be proudly made in the U.S.A.

New Thomas and Radio Control

Lionel is proud to be introducing a new control system that will once again open new doors to our younger railroaders and to increased family fun. Look for more information on these new Thomas the Tank Engine sets and locomotives to come in the Christmas Catalog. The engines are powered through the rails by a wall pack and controlled by radio control. Best of all, they’ll work on your layout too!


The long-awaited ZW-L was powering trains on our demonstration layout all weekend. Delivery is expected this summer.



One response

23 04 2012

Can’t wait for that new ZW-L to arrive.. hurry!! Also will you be making a NY Central GP-9 in the second half of the year? I love my 2380 but I really want cruise control!

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