New Product Spotlight – Ride the Long Island

30 04 2012

There is a mystique that surrounds the passenger service of the railroads’ golden years. The 20th Century Limited, the Super Chief, the Daylight, the Silver Meteor – all have won wide acclaim for being the most luxurious way to travel. But for all the glitz and glamour of these flagships, the real mass-movers were the nameless commuter trains which made their daily rounds from suburb to city and back again – keeping the cities working one station stop at a time.

Long Island Set

Recreate the "Route of the Dashing Commuter" with the 6-30189 Long Island Railroad set.

They may not have had the same flashy paint schemes, new equipment or bold advertising of their peers, but the commuter train deserves some respect too. Add some commuter traffic to your layout with the new Long Island set from Lionel. Inspired by the prototype, this set is designed to bring affordable and reliable passenger service to your line.


The commuter trains stop at all the small stations the Limiteds speed by. Stations and platforms will add to the fun of this set.

Featuring an RS-3 and three coaches all decorated in the gray and orange scheme of the Long Island Railroad, this set has everything you need to get started or expand your roster. The locomotive features a powerful motor and traction tires, transformer-controlled forward, neutral and reverse, lighted headlight and cab, working couplers at both ends and a working air horn. Each of the coaches also features working couplers and lighting, with the classic silhouetted passenger windows.

expansion cars

Be ready for rush hour with additional cars for your consist.

The set also includes a CW-80 transformer and oval of FasTrack. At an MSRP of $329.99, you can start your commuter service affordably. You can also be ready for rush hour with the 2-car add-on set (6-35259) which includes and additional lighted coach and combine for $99.99. You can also give your passengers some additional boarding stops with our station platform (6-37807) and sound-equipped station (6-37928). Bring the “dashing commuter” home to your layout!



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