New Product Spotlight – American Flyer Cylindrical Hoppers

7 05 2012

Lionel has offered stunning models of the cylindrical covered hopper in its line for several years. Now we are pleased to announce the same quality is coming to S Gauge for American Flyer.

CN covered hopper

This one-of-a-kind prototype featured a rainbow of color on one side. Appropriate since it was used to haul Hexamethylene Diisocyanate – used to harden paint.

Most commonly associated with and found on Canadian railroads, the cylindrical hoppers have a long and colorful history and have been used by railroads and private companies all across North America. Originated by American Car and Foundry (ACF) in the 1960s, cylindrical hoppers have been made in many sizes for commodities as diverse as salt, grain, fertilizer and chemicals. For more on the history of the prototypes, see our previous “Freight Car Friday” blog.

In addition to their unique design, cylindrical hoppers have worn some of the most colorful paint schemes in railroading. From yellow and blue Chessie cats to rolling billboards for Canadian provinces these cars have worn it all.


The bright Saskatchewan cars are hard to miss in any train! These modern cars aren’t the first time Canada has used these cylindricals as billboards.

Our initial offering of cars in the American Flyer line includes eight colorful schemes. Four, the Canadian National (6-48639), Southern Pacific (6-48640), Burlington Northern (6-48643)and Saskatchewan (6-48642) cars, are all prototypical. Four more schemes, inspired by Union Pacific’s heritage program, are a fictitious but perfect fit for these cars and the UP Heritage SD70ACEs. These include the UP “Building America” car (6-48646), Rio Grande (6-48644), C&NW (6-48645) and Missouri Pacific (6-48641).


Our UP Heritage schemes are an adaptive tribute to the commemorative locomotives and will make a great compliment to a modern UP freight.

In addition to bold paint schemes, these highly detailed models are designed with the different demands of American Flyer modelers in mind. The cars are available with scale wheels and trucks. Operating knuckle couplers come standard, but mounting holes are provided for those who would like to replace them with scale couplers. But all modelers will enjoy the separately applied metal details, opening roof hatches and 36 inch minimum curve diameter. MSRP $79.99.



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