LEGACY Software 1.4 Available for Download

22 05 2012

For those of you who obtained the black memory module and have the LSU on your computer, you can now download the zip file containing the base and cab-2 hex files for version 1.4 software. Pages 4 and 5 in the new manual (also included in the zip file) highlight the improvements in version 1.4 versus 1.3.

Lionel will not be mailing out 1.4 modules. They are available in one of three ways:

  1. If you recently purchased a LEGACY 6-14295 No. 990 set, it came with 1.4 modules from the factory.
  2. If you plan to purchase the ZW-L, it will include a set of 1.4 modules
  3. Download the LSU Freeware in conjunction with the black memory module (6-37125, available through dealers) and download 1.4 from this link:


All future LEGACY software upgrades will be presented in this same format; a downloadable zip file, accessed from the Lionel website, specifically under the product number of the LEGACY set (6-14295). Use the Product Finder to quickly access the files, clicking on “Software Update”. Then just click on the file and select “save.” Once downloaded you can unzip the file and access the contents.

The 1.4 zip file includes the following:

  • BASEv1.4 – hex; this is the hex file for the base
  • CAB-2v1.4-hex; this is the hex file for the cab
  • Manual.pdf; version 1.4 manual (including new pages outlining the differences between 1.3)



11 responses

22 05 2012
Dvid Fahrenholz

Where is the “Download the LSU Freeware in conjunction with the black memory module”? I have the module form the last update.

22 05 2012

The download can be found on our website. Here is the direct link: http://www.lionel.com/legacyutilitydownload.html

22 05 2012
David Roxin

How about those of us that are not computer savoy? I do not know how to do all this but the modules were easy to do. I guess we do not get anymore updates. At least with MTH you can send your unit in and have it done for you.
I will probably get all mth engines from now on due to this new feature.

22 05 2012

David, the download and install process is not as difficult as it may sound. If you click on the links for the download, screen prompts will walk you through the process. But if you do have any problems along the way, just send us an email at TALKTOUS@lionel.com and we’ll try to walk you through it.

22 05 2012

The download and installation were both very simple. The update requires no real technical skill other than the ability to read and follow directions. This is a sensible format for continued updates. I look forward to future updates as the Legacy OS evolves.

Thank you for the continued R & D and for offering the most feature -rich locomotives on the market!

22 05 2012

How are MacOS X users supposed to make these updates?

23 05 2012

You can use Parallel OS without any problems.

23 05 2012

Haven’t attempted it yet but once downloaded onto my computer how does the info go from my computer onto the black modules or Legacy base?

23 05 2012

This is where the modules – 6-37125 – come in to play. You can get those from your dealer or order direct: http://www.lionelstore.com/site/search.cfm. The LSU freeware will allow your computer to load the upgrade onto the modules. The modules then transfer the data to the system.

29 05 2012

I note you say “modules” (plural). How many modules should I plan to use?

29 05 2012

We recommend two, a separate module for the base and the cab.

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