Wiring Your Layout Step-by-Step

13 06 2012

Wiring a model railroad can be intimidating. Whether you are just getting started, expanding your empire, or converting to command control, each new step is a new challenge. We’d like to take some of the mystery and fear out of the process!


From your first starter set to a LEGACY-controlled railroad empire, we’ll help you make it all work the way you want.

Whatever step you’re on, wiring your Lionel layout all comes back to the same core ideas. Our new set of pages and videos hosted here on the blog and our customer service YouTube account will walk you through the entire process. We’ll be rolling these out over the next several weeks, starting today with some fundamentals of electricity and conventional wiring. We’ll cover the basics like choosing power supplies, adding bus wires, phasing transformers, and adding blocks. In the coming weeks we’ll add accessories, switches and yes, command control.

So come along with us as we walk through wiring. The home for all of these articles can be found under the “Modeling Projects” tab in the header of this blog. Get started now!



4 responses

13 06 2012

why does this video come up as private ?

13 06 2012

The video problems should all be resolved!

13 06 2012

yes great basic info keep us informed

22 06 2012

Enjoyed the primer. helps refresh the memory banks when you don’t set up or run regularly.

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