New Product Spotlight – LEGACY GP-9s

25 06 2012

Through the history of railroading, there are few locomotives that can stand up with the GP-9 for its longevity, versatility and impact on the industry. Perfect in their simplicity, these locomotives could be found just about everywhere.

Santa Fe

6-38579 Santa Fe

The GP-9, and its immediate predecessor the GP-7, were not the first of the “road-switcher” design locomotives, they didn’t introduce a new diesel engine or other ground-breaking technology, and their styling was such that even EMD didn’t expect these utilitarian locomotives to sell. In fact, the simple no-frills locomotive was exactly what the railroads were looking for.

While the move to replace steam began well before the “Geep” was designed, it was these locomotives more than any other that drove the final nail. The GP was everything a steam locomotive was not. It was a versatile locomotive, capable of handling just about any assignment given. Unlike steam locomotives that were specifically tailored to a specific operation or even a specific operating territory, the GPs performed equally well as freight, passenger and switch engines in mountains, across the plains or shuttling around urban yards.

Great Northern

6-34664 Great Northern

The new locomotives were also efficient. The simple design made maintenance much easier on a locomotive that was already miles ahead of its steam counterparts. Multiple units could be coupled together and operated as one, increasing both the versatility and efficiency. Operating cost fell quickly as railroads replaced remaining steam locomotives with new Geeps.


6-34666 Louisville and Nashville

Although style was not a prime consideration in its design, by their numbers and longevity, the GP-9 has become one of the most recognizable faces in railroading. And while to those who watched these ubiquitous diesels replace beloved steam, they “all looked the same,” there was a surprising amount of variety in the basic Geep. EMD and GMD built 4,095 GP-9s and many enjoyed exceptionally long careers, being rebuilt numerous times. You can still find these landmark locomotives in service today on shortlines, regional railroads and industrial sites.


Rock Island

6-34662 Rock Island

In our latest release of this popular model, we’ve tried to capture some of the many variations in details on these locomotives, and some paint schemes that haven’t been offered in the past. Details like exhaust stacks, bells, horns, dynamic brakes and winterization covers are all customized per road. Two powered and one non-powered models are available for each scheme. In addition to the roads shown here, Canadian National is also being offered, with one of the powered units as part of the Piggyback Set (6-11181).

LEGACY Powered GP-9s include:


6-34681 Union Pacific

  • LEGACY control – capable of running on TMCC and conventional as well
  • Odyssey II Speed Control for 2 Maintenance free motors with momentum flywheels
  • LEGACY Railsounds including
    • Crewtalk and TowerCom communications
    • Six official railroad speeds
    • Eight diesel RPM levels
    • Quilling Horn along with appropriate warning sounds
    • Bell with single hit or continuous sounds
    • Sequence Control to narrate an entire trip
    • Fuel and speed announcements and refueling sounds


    6-34670 Chesapeake and Ohio

  • Fan-driven smoke unit with adjustable output
  • Lighting Effects including
    • Directional LED headlight and back-up light
    • Marker lights front and rear
    • Number boards
    • Cab interior
  • Traction tires
  • Die cast metal pilot, trucks and fuel tank
  • Detailed cab interior with window glass and engineer and fireman figures
  • Loads of separately applied details
  • ElectroCouplers on front and rear
  • MSRP: $479.99

Non-Powered Locomotives Feature


6-34737 Northern Pacific

  • Die cast metal pilot, trucks and fuel tank
  • Select separately applied details
  • Magnetic couplers on front and rear
  • MSRP: $239.99

Available roadnames include: Rock Island, Louisville and Nashville, Great Northern, Chesapeake and Ohio, Northern Pacific, Union Pacific and Santa Fe. All locomotives will negotiate an O-31 curve. The GP-9s are at your dealers now! See more on our Customer Service Product Video.



4 responses

26 06 2012

I Picked up the UP version of the Legacy GP-9, really beautiful piece. The smoke controls do not seem to work when in Lash Up mode though. is that intentional? Also will you be making a NYC version next year??

27 06 2012

What other locomotives are you using in the Lash Up? If you have a locomotive that does not have variable smoke in the lead, then it will be the limiting factor. As to a NYC GP-9, we can’t comment on future production (and to be completely honest – I don’t even have that information yet.)

27 06 2012

The lead is a LEGACY SD-70ACe

27 06 2012

OK, that shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve forwarded your question on to Mike Reagan in customer service. He’s out the rest of this week, but hopefully I’ll have an answer for you early next week.

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