New Product Spotlight – Presidential Boxcars

2 07 2012

Let’s kick off a week of Red White and Blue with a product we know you’ve been wanting for a long time. First announced in the 2010 Vol. II catalog, this project hit a number of snags and problems along the way. But we remained committed to delivering not only the product we displayed but the MADE IN THE USA stamp that makes them special.

Washington and Lincoln

The wait is nearly over – MADE IN THE USA is back.

These colorful patriotic cars feature four of our most prominent Presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. These are of course the four featured in the Mount Rushmore Monument. Each car features a portrait flanked by the correct American flag for their term in office. The flag on the doors also features the correct number of stars for their era. On the other side of the door, a quick biography of their service to their country.


6-39337 George Washington

These cars feature all-new tooling and are made entirely in the U.S.A. The cars feature plastic carbodies on metal frames and sprung trucks. The cars have operating doors and couplers Additionally, these cars will come with special packaging – also made and printed in the U.S.A. – that will allow collectors to prominently display their cars without even opening the box.


6-39340 Thomas Jefferson

The cars have reappeared in the 2012 Christmas Catalog, so you can make it a Red White and Blue Christmas this year, or leave them out all year long! These cars would be the perfect complement to any of our patriotic locomotives or other rollingstock.


6-39338 Abraham Lincoln

These are just the first four of our Presidential boxcars. More Presidents are coming, so start your collection now. Also featured in the catalog are additional Made In The USA boxcars featuring more popular American icons – this isn’t a one-time project. The long wait is nearly over. MSRP is $64.99. Get your orders in early, these cars should be appearing at your dealers towards the end of summer.


6-39339 Theodore Roosevelt



5 responses

2 07 2012
Andrew Falconer

If you are going to make more Boxcars in the USA then please start by offering an O Scale model of the Greenville Steel Car Co. 60′ Double Plug-Door Boxcars. Railroads like Wabash, Grand Trunk Western, Detroit Toledo & Ironton, Missouri-Kansas-Texas, and Norfolk & Western operated them. They were built in the 1960’s and 1970’s. It would be a great contrasting car when paired with the Pullman-Standard 60′ Boxcar.

17 09 2012

Just out of interest where in the USA are these being made? I think the story about the vendor would make it more interesting. I have purchased all of the USA boxcars thus far.

17 09 2012

Most of the work, the bodies and printing, is done by Nolan Plastics and Marketing. Other parts of the car, like the metal frame, casting for the trucks and couplers, and the packaging materials are sourced to other US companies. We have a story on the project in the upcoming issue of Inside Track which is being mailed to our LRRC members this week.

13 12 2012

Where is the Nolan Plastics and Marketing company located? Does anyone have any contact information for them?

13 12 2012

They are in Chesterfield, MI. Here is the contact page from their website:

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