Command Control for Switches

3 07 2012

Now that we’ve given you the basics on installing command control, let’s expand your knowledge and your command system’s abilities by adding additional features to the system. There is a great variety of controllers available for different functions, and this can be confusing. To help straighten it all out, you may want to start with this introduction. This week, we’ll take a look at switches.


No matter their age or manufacturer, you can bring command control to your switches.

When using switches with command control, with 18 Volts on the rails constantly, we highly recommend converting your switches to operate on 14 Volt accessory voltage as we showed in a post added last week.

Lionel offers two different controllers to bring command control to your switches, the SC-2 and the ASC (Accessory Switch Controller). Not only will both of these work with both TMCC-1 and LEGACY, they can also be used with all of our switches and those of most other manufacturers as well. How do you know which one is best for the switches you have? Take a look at this quick guide.


The ASC is a great option for adding command control to both twin-coil and motorized switch machines.

Once you’ve chosen the controller you want, the hard work is over!  To help you install and program your switches, we also have tutorials uploaded on wiring the ASC and wiring the SC-2 for our O Gauge and O-27, and FasTrack, or for several other brands.

Both of these controllers will also control accessories, so we’ll be seeing more of them next week as we continue to put more of your layout in the palm of your hand!



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