New Product Spotlight – Accessory Bundles

4 09 2012

In conjunction with our new modules, Lionel has created four “accessory bundles” to make adding scenery that much easier. Of course, you can take advantage of the convenience and savings on any layout. Each bundle features buildings, figures and accessories which compliment each other. Save yourself some time tracking them all down individually and save a little bit of money too.

Tis the Season 6-17139

Perfect for a Christmas layout or festive module, this action-packed bundle has lots of fun details large and small. You’ll get:

Tis the Season

Tis the Season Bundle

  • 6-37965 Christmas Operating Gift Terminal
  • 6-37907 Street Lamps with Wreaths (4)
  • 6-37997 Christmas Lawn Figure Pack
  • 6-37852 Christmas People Pack
  • 6-37909 Christmas Snow Blower

These can be combined with other accessories to create your own North Pole or decorated home town. And all are available for the price of $309.99 through

The Rail Yard 6-37141

Enjoying our new bone yard modeling project here on the blog? Get yourself started with this accessory bundle. With two animated accessories, lights, figures and a building all you need to complete your yard is track and trains! The bundle includes:

Rail Yard

Rail Yard Bundle

  • 6-37977 Tank Car Accident
  • 6-37958 Southern Pacific Scrapyard
  • 6-14241 Work Crew People Pack
  • 6-14071 Yard Lights 3-Pack
  • 6-37914 Work House

The lights and animation will take your rail yards to the next level and for more ideas on finishing this scene you need look no further than our Wednesday blog features. All of this comes together from for the combined price of $276.99.

Welcome Home 6-37142

Add a touch of home to your layout. In addition to the suburban home, you’ll get all the details you need to complete the scene from the streetlights to children playing in the backyard. The bundle includes:

Welcome Home

Combine the Welcome Home bundle with more homes and scenery to create a typical residential street.

  • 6-37978 Deluxe Suburban House
  • 6-24156 Street Lamps 4-Pack
  • 6-62181 Telephone Pole Set
  • 6-14218 Downtown People Pack
  • 6-14147 Old Style Clock

And you get it all for $153.99 through

All Aboard! 6-37140

What layout would be complete without a station and a bridge? Get them both and much more in this bundle which includes:

All Aboard

The All Aboard bundle will work with many other accessories to enhance many scenes.

  • 6-37807 Station Platform
  • 6-37826 Billboard – Classic Travel Signs
  • 6-62716 Short Extension Bridge
  • 6-62180 Railroad Signs
  • 6-24197 City Accessory Pack

Get started on this scene for just $64.99 at

Mix and match these accessory bundles or any of our other fun add-ons to create your own unique scenic modules and layouts. And look for more information and instructions on the modules themselves to come soon on our blog.



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