New Product Spotlight – Rock Island Rocket Set

24 09 2012

The Rock Island line is a mighty fine line – and this is a mighty fine set! Our new Rock Island Rocket Ready-to-Run set is one of our most colorful.

Rocket Set

6-30179 Rock Island Rocket – a colorful and fun set that captures the essence of one of America’s great railroads.

We start off with a FT locomotive in the bold colors and graphics of the Rock Island’s famous “Rocket” trains. The locomotive features our Railsounds RTR which includes a revving diesel engine, horn, bell and user-activated crew dialog. Other features include:

  • Transformer controlled Forward, Neutral, Reverse
  • Operating headlight
  • Operating front and rear coupler
  • Dual maintenance-free motors
  • Die-cast metal trucks, pilot and fuel tank
  • Metal frame
  • Lighted cab interior
  • Engineer and Conductor figures

The set also has one of our more interesting assortments of rolling stock. A boxcar in the Rock Island’s traditional Rocket advertising slogan scheme features opening doors. Next comes a four-bay hopper decorated for Mid-West Power and Light, complete with Reddy Kilowatt and a removable coal load. The attention-getting Allis-Chalmers heat exchanger car and load comes in the Rock Island’s later blue scheme. And finishing it all is a lighted wide vision caboose in a paint scheme which complements the locomotive and a detailed interior.

All of the cars feature Die Cast trucks (all are sprung too except on the caboose) and operating couplers and come individually packaged in their own boxes.

The set also features a CW-80 transformer and a 40×60″ oval of FasTrack. You’ll have everything you need to start or expand your empire. The set retails for $399.99 and will be rocketing towards your dealers very soon. Whether it’s streaking across the Midwest or your layout, the Rock Island Rocket is sure to be a memorable train.



4 responses

24 09 2012
Frank Hazelwood

Love the set, what sort of layout would fit in an apartment>

26 09 2012

There are many different layouts that work well in appartments. Although the trains are larger, the sharp curves of 3-rail O Gauge actually make them quite well suited for smaller spaces. Check out your dealers for track-planning books that take a lot of the guess work out of what you’ll need. Or, you can design your own based on the space you have available. Don’t be afraid to think outside the oval – a point-to-point switching layout on a shelf can provide a lot of action and fun. Others have built platforms inside coffee tables and other furniture. You may also want to think about our new FasTrack modular plans and kits (there will be a new blog on these here soon!) Then you could build a single piece of a larger layout shared among friends or a club and get together to have a layout larger than any one of you could handle on your own. If there are no limits on your imagination, then the walls of the appartment are little barrier to having fun in the hobby!

24 09 2012

Wow, this set really looks great! I never really cared for this diesel but have been intrigued for awhile. Then came this Rocket set and that did it for me. I think I wil get one…

WD in Michigan

28 09 2012
Andrew Falconer

An early 1970’s Rock Island trailer with the RI ribbon style logo on a flat car would be a great companion to this set.

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