New Product Spotlight – News from York

22 10 2012

We had many new products on display this past week at the National Toy Train Museum and the TCA York meet. So many in fact that we’re going to split this look into two days! Today we’ll share some of the new scale models that were on display, in both O and S.

Scale Autorack Pre-Production Sample


Capturing the huge size of these cars is a challenge!

No other model produced a more audible “OOOOOOHHHH” in Strasburg than the sight of the new scale autorack. You really do have to see these in person to appreciate their size.


From opening doors to excellent rivet details, there’s more to these cars than size.

Not only are they huge, these new models have many fine details as well. From the see-through side panels to opening doors to the interior floors of the car, these new racks look as good up close as they do from a distance.

Perhaps most unbelievable of all is that these will still negotiate an O-54 curve thanks to the innovative coupler arrangement on the bottom of the car.

We’ve announced additional racks as 2-packs in the Volume 2 catalog, and there will be more to come!

Single Centipedes

N de M

Our Centipedes head south of the border!

Although we first showed the VISION Line Centipedes at a previous show, we were able to show one of the just-cataloged LEGACY Centipedes in the N de M and PRR 5-stripe paint schemes this weekend.

These locomotives have a more simplified sound system than their two-unit VISION sisters, but still have all of the other popular features of the model.

BNSF Heritage

The Santa Fe is back on our BNSF Heritage units.

We brought along one of the BNSF heritage units in the Santa Fe scheme. These fanciful engines are a fun combination of history and modern power in the tradition of other “what-if” heritage engines from Lionel.

These are now available at dealers!

X-31 Boxcars


Bold graphics meet unique design on the round-roof boxcar.

We had several decorated samples of the round-roof X-31 boxcars on display, including the single and double-door varieties. These will no doubt be popular with transition-era modelers.

Although created on the Pennsylvania, these cars found homes on many railroads and could be seen hauling automobiles and other large loads all across the country. The high level of detail on these models will make any scale modeler proud.

O cylindrical

The O Gauge cylindrical line continues with more schemes like this gray CN car.

Cylindrical Covered Hoppers

Samples of the popular cylindrical covered hoppers were seen in both O scale with a decorated Canadian National version, and a pre-production sample of the same car for our American Flyer line.

AF Cylindrical

The first preproduction sample of the American Flyer version shows many great details.

The O scale cars feature great detail and colorful graphics and the American Flyer versions will be no different. Although only a first sample, the new American Flyer model shows Lionel’s commitment to raising the bar in S Gauge rolling stock with this new model.

From see-through roof walks to a mounting location for scale knuckle couplers, these cars are designed for the demanding modeler.  Look for these tubular cars to roll out in many paint schemes in the near future.


The Texas Special PA’s showcase amazing graphics on a classic model.

Texas Special PA’s

Bridging the gap between our new and traditional American Flyer lines, the first samples of the ALCo PA in the Texas Special scheme were also on display. These models feature amazing graphics on a classic carbody.

The PA’s are offered as an A-A powered / non-powered set.

American Flyer 2-8-8-2


The new 2-8-8-2 is simply a beautiful model.

Samples of the new 2-8-8-2 in all roadnames were seen at York. The detail on these articulateds is amazing, including many roadname-specific variations.

From big eastern roads like the N&W and PRR to the Santa Fe and Union Pacific out west, these steam locomotives were found all across the country. One look at the finish on these beautiful models and we think the American Flyer versions will be too! The 2-8-8-2 sets a new standard for S Gauge steam.

Undec SD70

This pre-production sample shows the details and potential of the new model.

American Flyer SD70M-2

Also seen were undecorated samples of the new SD70M-2 in the American Flyer line and one painted for Norfolk Southern (the traditional scheme.)

These burly locomotives are quickly becoming a standard on railroads all over North America. The railroad paint scheme options were incredible – even before Norfolk Southern started their heritage program!


Even in the traditional Norfolk Southern scheme, the SD70M is a striking model.

Like the 2-8-8-2 these mod.els are all new and set to raise the bar for S Gauge. Powerful and well detailed, if you’ve been waiting for a reason to get into S, these locomotives are quite the temptation

As you can see, this October was one of the best shows for American Flyer yet. With these two high-quality locomotives now just around the corner, American Flyer fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming months.

That is all just a taste of the new product on display. We’ll continue tomorrow with some of our new traditional products as well as some of the newly announced power options and more.



9 responses

22 10 2012
Henry A. Koshollek MA

I’m happy to see all the new American flyer production on the horizon. Thanks again. These models are for the heavy hitter market and NOT for the average runner type like myself. How bout getting down to earth and getting ME AND others excited again?I grew up with flyer as well with Lionel.I have both now. My layout sports HO,S-ga,O-ga and Wide ga. I love your Manhattan set. But cannot find a set as of yet But I’m working on it. The GP-7 Milwaukee road Is the best Lionel product for kids I’v yet seen.You can keep Thomas, thanks.
My thoughts are these ,produce some thing in the intermediate market. 200-300 dollar area . Lionel the innovator instead of the duplicator in this new untapped market. Big RR names are fine but I still will not buy them.
I and others like me see the smaller small freight RR lines around home. Mine is the Wisconsin and Southern across from my home and I cannot run this 25+year flag on my line. How about Iowa Interstate or Ice line in Iowa+Wisconsin.Try to fine a decent model of the Wheeling and Lake Erie. in S scale. Bachman cannot produce these fast enough in HO. Why again SD-45s,40s,GP-9s,38’s and other engines abound on small lines after repainting them from the scrappers.
You guys insist to bang the same old drum,Texas special and why not other models of famed RRs of the past. The Hiawatha steam set with tail car, North woods Milwaukee Chippewa heavy weight cars, Chicago +Northwestern 400 Heavyweight in simple steam ,CB+Q,Furthermore let us not forget that. Flyer made BEAUTIFUL heavyweights.Where are they?
Wow here’s another thought. How about the Interurban sets ,the North shore and the liberty liner in Philly ,Pacific Electric in California. three quick Ideas. I’m attending the last reunion of the North Shore employees in Waukegan Ill next week. Yes there a few still left to talk about there jobs and how it affected Milwaukee and Chicago history.another market MISSED.
The real set of the Electro liners are property of the Illinois RR museum. Its stunning and beats anything on the market.S-ga folks. its you future
Thanks for your time.

22 10 2012
Andrew Falconer

Did anyone notice that the TTX logo on the 89′ Flat car was too compressed? It looks like the TTX graphic was taken from a photo on an angle, but not stretched back to its regular size.

22 10 2012

This is one of several printing errors that we hope to have corrected before the production autoracks come out.

22 10 2012
Andrew Falconer

That is great to know.

22 10 2012
Andrew Falconer

I would like to get the O Scale Auto Carrier, but I have not been able to decide on which one to get yet.

22 10 2012
Andrew Falconer

BNSF and CSX have had a new color or graphic variation on markings every two or three years, so there can be a new version each year.

22 10 2012
Andrew Falconer

Lionel has to make for the American Flyer line an all new, True S Scale GP38-2 diesel locomotive and a Pullman-Standard Modern 50′ Boxcar with 3 door variations. Those two can be used to represent most railroads, big and small, from the 1970’s to the present.

Put the “O Gauge” Thrall Car Centerbeam Center I-Beam Flat Car on S Gauge trucks since the car is practically S Scale in dimensions . It can be made for the American Flyer line in schemes for Northern Pacific, Milwaukee Road, Burlington Northern, CENTERBEAM WP, UNION PACIFIC CUSHIONED LOAD, Trailer Train TTZX, and CNA.

22 10 2012
Stephen Duncan

Has Lionel ever thought of producing the long tank cars seen on the rails today. These cars carry various loads such as corrosive acids, LPG, soybean oil, to name a few. Some of the markings I’ve seen are ADM, GATX. Any thoughts.
Stephen Duncan

9 11 2012
gold price

Some AF cars are very easy to convert to scale; the 40′ gondola is one. Most of the cars have had some adjustments made to the correct dimensions in order to accommodate the oversize AF wheels and couplers. This can be corrected, but it is not easy. Some things are next to impossible to convert, like most locomotives. In the past there were some loco conversion kits, but that was many years ago and there aren’t any currently being produced.

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