New Product Spotlight – Single Centipedes

12 11 2012

The Baldwin “Centipedes” are certainly among the most distinctive if not successful locomotives in history. Lionel’s VISION Line release earlier this year provided the most faithful and dynamic models of these monsters to date. You can read more about that release, and the prototype, in our previous New Product Spotlight.

N de M

The N de M locomotives feature an attractive color scheme for our fans of railroading south of the border.

At nearly four feet in length, the VISION Centipedes were more than many model railroads could handle. Although the prototypes were designed to be run in pairs, there is no reason you couldn’t split them! So we’ve added a new run of the locomotives, in three prototypical paint schemes.

The single Centipedes feature the same rugged construction and innovative features of the previous release:

  • LEGACY Control – run in LEGACY, TMCC or Conventional
  • Odyssey II Speed Control – with an On/Off switch
  • LEGACY Railsounds including
    • CrewTalk and TowerCom
    • Six Official Railroad speeds
    • Eight Diesel RPM levels
    • Quilling Horn
    • Single hit or continuous bell
    • Sequence Control
    • Current speed and fuel dialog
  • Dual speakers


    Take your Centipedes south to citrus country with the Seaboard!

  • Dual motors
  • ElectroCouplers front and rear
  • Traction tires
  • Twin smoke units with adjustable output
  • Directional lighting
  • Working marker lights
  • Lighted number boards
  • Die-cast metal body, frame, trucks, pilot and fuel tank
  • Engineer and Conductor figures
  • Many separately applied details

The most famous and popular face of the Centipedes is back with another number for Pennsy fans.

The locomotives are not listed as VISION Line locomotives because although the speakers are balanced within the unit, unlike the paired Centipedes, they are not balanced across the other pair. Otherwise, these locomotives have the same features and quality of the first run.

We’ve brought back the popular Pennsylvania 5-stripe scheme with a new number, 5821 (6-34676). We’ve also added two new and very attractive schemes for the other railroads which rostered the locomotives; the Seaboard (6-34677) and Nationales de Mexico (6-34680).

The locomotives are still limited to an O-72 curve. They retail for $1,099.99 and are crawling their way to your dealers now.



8 responses

12 11 2012
Geary O'Neil

Im cleaning out a spare room 7 going to make a big train display.First i have to get a hip replacement,so it will be a little wow.

12 11 2012

Best of luck with your surgery. Hope all goes well and you’re back at the throttle soon!

12 11 2012
Richard Sawyer

where is the ’47 birkshire set Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2012 13:30:59 +0000 To:

13 11 2012

These are scheduled to ship in January.

12 11 2012
kevin garcia

I am surprised and relieved that the N de M Centipede made it into production. I have one on order. Any possibility that you will produce more N de M locomotives or rolling stock in the future?

13 11 2012
kevin garcia

I am surprised and relieved that the N de M Centipede made it into production. I ordered one. Do you have any plans to produce N de M rolling stock in the future? Since this Centipede has two motors I am sure it can pull a long train! While I am at it, what about an N de M steam engine?

13 11 2012

I don’t have any information regarding future production, but I will certainly pass along the request.

13 11 2012
kevin garcia

That’s odd…..I did not see my original comment that I posted last night, so I “re-posted” and now of course both are present…sorry about that!

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