New Product Spotlight – Operating Merchandise Car

19 11 2012

Among the most prized of the postwar operating cars, the #3854 Merchandise Car is a fun piece that is as sure to delight today as it did sixty years ago. Lionel has now recreated this car, faithful to the original.

Merchandise Car

The popular Merchandise Car will be included in the 726 Berkshire freight set and will also now be available for separate purchase.

Originally announced, and still available as part of the 726 Berkshire Freight Set, the Merchandise Car itself is now available for separate purchase. As part of a set or by itself, the car features the same detail and quality of construction:

roof hatch

The metal roof hatch opens to reload the merchandise cubes. Check out the crisp details of the new tooling!

  • Die-cast metal bar-end style trucks
  • Operating Couplers
  • Metal doors and roof hatch
  • Plastic Body
  • Six Merchandise Cubes
  • Postwar Inspired Packaging

Use a Remote Operating Track (not included) to automatically open the side door and eject the merchandise. The cubes can be reloaded by hand through a hatch in the roof.

This classic car will operate on O-31 curves and retails for $74.99. It’s been a long time coming, but the Merchandise Car will be returning to your dealer shelves in December.



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