New Product Spotlight – U.P. Anniversary Set

3 12 2012

In addition to modeling the latest and greatest, it is always fun to go back and revisit the classics. The 1950 “Anniversary Set” is certainly one worth bringing back. So if you missed it the first time around, here’s your chance to own this great piece of our past.

Anniversary Set

The famous Anniversary Set is back!

The #146-4W featured Lionel’s high-end Alco FA’s in the Union Pacific’s Armour Yellow. The locomotives featured metal frames, illuminated number boards and rear steps. New passenger cars were also included featuring Lionel Lines lettering in matching yellow with grey roofs.

Our new reissue of the set is faithful to the original, recreating the most-desired of the variations with grey nose and trucks. The set includes a powered and non-powered Alco FA, two coaches and an observation car. Features include:

  • FA Locomotives with

    The new sets have all the charm of the original.

    • Die-cast metal trucks and frame
    • Frame-mounted rear steps
    • Front steps attached to the trucks
    • Operating headlight
    • Illuminated number boards
    • Painted grey nose, frame and truck sideframes
    • Powered Locomotive also features
      • Pullmor Motor
      • Magne-Traction
      • Traction Tires
      • Electronic E unit with Direction Lock
      • Electronic horn and bell with volume control
  • Passenger cars with
    • Die-cast trucks and operating couplers
    • Interior Illumination
    • Removable roofs with ventilator details
    • Window Silhouettes
    • Red marker lights and clear back up lens on observation car
  • Postwar-Inspired set packaging with individual boxes for each car
  • O-27 minimum curve

    Add to the fun with the new expansion pack – 6-27929.

If you’d like to expand your set, we’ve also created a matching add-on baggage and combination car 2-pack. Not available in 1950, this set is a perfect complement to grow your train. The new cars share of the features of the passenger cars included with the set itself.

The set retails for $459.99 and the add-on cars are $119.99. Check your dealers, you’ll be able to catch up on this traditional classic train in time for Christmas.



3 responses

3 12 2012
Paul Leone Peters

It’s a nice set, but it would be a lot nicer if you opened the windows on the car doors like the originals, and if you removed the “ribs” at the base of the FA-1 bodies, allowing the lettering to be placed properly — for this set and for those in the future.

16 01 2013
john Tingle

I agree with Paul. The closed vestibules diminish the original look as well as being unrealistic. It was confirmed on this board that the vestibules would be open. The paint appears to be closer to the originals which is good, but the ribs on the sides caused the letters to be small, unlike the originals. The other objection appears to be the pulling back of the pilot, making the already long coupler even longer. The model loses the stubby look as per the originals.

Looks like one really has to wait for the model to come out rather then pre ordering before making a decision. Otherwise, it looks batter then the ’94 reissue. John

5 12 2012

How about an AMERICAN FLYER version.

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