New Product Spotlight – NJ Transit Work Train Set

17 12 2012

Carrying tens of thousands of people to work daily is no small task. Neither is maintaining the rails that get them there. Now you can add an exciting and realistic work train to your railroad and keep the passengers rolling.

Lionel’s new NJ TRANSIT Maintenance-of-Way set is packed with the essential cars you’ll need to maintain the right-of-way. All of the cars are prototypically numbered in line with the actual NJT fleet.

The New Jersey Transit set is ready to go to work.

Two flatcars carry trailers loaded with wood ties and steel rails. To get the loads to any destination, two die-cast tractors are loaded on a third flatcar. You can unload the trucks and position them around the work scene on your layout.

Also provided is a gondola with a ballast load to complete the track repairs. And bringing up the rear, a lighted bay-window caboose.

Powering the train is NJ TRANSIT GP40 No. 4302. This powerful locomotive features RailSounds RTR, transformer-controlled Forward, Reverse, Neutral operation, dual motors, metal frame and dual operating couplers.

Expand Your set with this gondola loaded with ties.

All of the cars feature operating couplers, and all but the caboose feature sprung trucks (die-cast metal trucks on the caboose). You’ll also get a 40×60 inch oval of FasTrack and a CW-80 transformer. The set retails for $349.99 and it’s on its way to dealers now.

Expand your work train with an additional gondola available separately. This car, 6-26696, is also accurately decorated for NJ TRANSIT’s work fleet and features more stacks of wood ties to keep the rails in line. The car retails for $74.99 and is available at your dealers now.



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