New Product Spotlight – Festive Freight

24 12 2012

With Christmas nearly upon us, here are some festive freight cars to get you in the mood for some fun with trains the whole family will enjoy. All of these cars have shipped and should be available at a dealer near you. Filled with fun, these cars are sure to be Christmas favorites for years to come.

Gingerbread Man Gondola (6-37070)


6-37070 Gingerbread Man Operating Gondola

This fun car gives a new meaning to fast food. As the train rolls along, Mrs. Clause chases the Gingerbread Man around the crates of baking supplies in the center of the gondola. That’s one way to cut down on the holiday snacking!

Even the gondola has a gingerbread and icing brown and white motif. $54.99, available at dealers now!

Snow Globe Car (6-37059)

Snow Globe

6-37059 Snow Globe

Snow falls around a church inside the snow globe as Christmas lights twinkle and carols play on the flatcar. This car captures so much of the holiday spirit and is sure to delight.

The car also has an on/off switch for the sounds and fan if you prefer a more “Silent Night.” $84.99, available at dealers now!

Please note that like the other cars featured here, this will negotiate even an O-27 curve. The globe however may not fit through all of your tunnels and bridges.

Speedy Delivery (6-29312)


6-29312 Santa’s Operating Boxcar

Santa hand-delivers the gifts from the door of this operating boxcar. This car comes to life with the use of the remote control track section (which can be purchased separately).

The bold red and green graphics will blend in well with many of our other Christmas trains and cars. $74.99, available at dealers now!

Ice Skating Aquarium Car (6-29321)


6-29321 Ice Skating Aquarium Car

Here’s a fun car that could hang around well after Christmas is over. This latest version of the classic Lionel Aquarium Car features a winter ice skating pond. Watch as the skaters appear to move about inside as the car rolls along. This car also features an on/off switch if you want to give the skaters a rest in between runs. $79.99, available at dealers now!

Jet Snow Blower (6-37909)

Snow Jet

6-37909 Jet Snow Blower

Don’t lit winter woes freeze your holidays in their tracks! Our North Pole Central snow jet is ready to clear the rails. With jet engine sounds and a fan driven smoke unit simulating the blowing snow, this car will look great leading the way for Santa’s trains. $137.99, available at dealers now.

From all of us at Lionel, we hope that you have a Merry Christmas no matter what comes down your track.



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