New Product Spotlight – Kansas City Southern Belle Set

14 01 2013

Compared to its competition, the Kansas City Southern is a surprisingly small railroad. But what it lacks in size, it clearly makes up for in history and style.

The railroad has a long history, dating to 1877. With the passage of NAFTA in 1994, the railroad seized on the opportunity to expand on the “Southern” in its name. Partnering with companies in Mexico, the KCS began extending its reach further and further south of the border. Today it is the smallest and second oldest “Class 1” railroad in the United States, and the only one with operations in both the US and Mexico (as well as Panama.)

KCS set

6-30186 The Kansas City Southern’s Southern Belle is one of the prettiest faces in railroading.

The Southern Belle was once the flagship train of the KCS. In 1995, celebrating its new markets and growth, the railroad purchased three EMD F units and painted them in the classic black, yellow and red colors along with their business train.

Ten years later, KCS applied a variation of the Southern Belle scheme to its new SD70ACE locomotives. These classic colors are now used on all new locomotive purchases as well as adaptations for new freight cars. And there are rumored plans to use the scheme on future locomotive repaints as well. In addition to being seen up and down their own international mainlines, KCS locomotives can often be found roaming the country on other railroads as well.

Lionel’s Kansas City Southern Ready to Run set brings this classic scheme to your home. From the GP-38 locomotive to the caboose, the set is cloaked in black, yellow and red.

The set includes a GP38 locomotive with:

  • transformer controlled forward / neutral / reverse operation
  • dual motors
  • RailSounds RTR including
    • diesel sounds
    • horn
    • bell
    • user-activated crew dialog
  • working headlight
  • metal frame
  • dual operating couplers

Trailing behind the locomotive are a high-cube boxcar with working doors, single-dome tank car, two-bay covered hopper and lighted caboose. The cars all feature die-cast metal trucks (sprung on all cars but the caboose) and operating couplers.

Also included is a 40″x60″ oval of FasTrack and a CW-80 transformer so you can start your collection or grow your empire. The set retails for $349.99 and is available at dealers now. Don’t miss your chance to invite a Southern Belle into your home!



7 responses

14 01 2013
Kenneth Matinale

Maintenance free? That’s been the description of new set motors recently.

14 01 2013
Mike Arvay

What scale is it?

15 01 2013

O scale

17 01 2013
Mike Smith (@USWeatherExpert)

Actually, it isn’t black. The third color is “dark brunswick green.”

18 01 2013
Kenneth Matinale

I bought KS Southern for $219. Looks good but I’m a little disappointed in the quality of the locomotive compared to my two year old Santa Fe El Capitan, which I bought at a Lionel pop up store in December 2011 for $370, I think. KC is listed at $349, so I figured it was comparable quality. The KC does not have die-cast metal trucks or traction tires. I didn’t notice that when I read the description. I turned both locomotives upside down and compared. KC lacks an on/off switch for sound and volume screw is way below the truck in an inconvenient location. The trucks seem cheap.

I now have two CW-80 transformers and the throttle on the new one is much stiffer. Is that a design change or deviation in quality control?

17 05 2013

If you purchased the KCS Southern Bell and it does not have die cast metal trucks you should contact Lionel directly. The information above specifically says; “The cars all feature die-cast metal trucks (sprung on all cars but the caboose) and operating couplers.”

17 05 2013
All Cingeye

the english to chinese translation was confusing to the people constructing it, quality control problems.

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