New Product Spotlight – The Pennsylvania Limited

4 03 2013

We received a lot of positive feedback from this new set in our 2013 Ready to Run catalog. Based on the classic Nineteenth Century looks of the “Standard Railroad of the World,” the Pennsylvania Limited will bring a new look to your layout.

The Pennsylvania Limited

Pennsylvania Limied

6-30224 The Pennsylvania Limited set could be used to represent many trains.

The Pennsylvania Limited was a premier train on the Pennsy between New York and Chicago from 1887 to 1902. This train was succeeded by the Pennsylvania Special in 1902 and then none other than the Broadway Limited in 1912.

The consist of this set could be used for many of the Penny’s passenger trains however from the 1880s through the 1910s. While the PRR was a pioneer in replacing its wood cars with steel beginning in 1906, for many years the wood cars rolled on.

Pennsy Limited

This train harkens to a time when the railroad was far more than just a means of transportation.

You could even use this set to represent some of the cars restored for the 1939 World’s Fair. This train was often used for publicity and public events and the cars can now be seen at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

These trains were often the life line of the small towns they served. They provided not only a means of transportation but brought in the mail, milk and express. The train crew would often be on a first-name familiarity with people in every town. They did more than just serve the community, they were a part of it.

The Lionel Model

Our new set includes everything you need to bring this personal service to your railroad. Starting with a 4-4-0 locomotive. This style of engine was the most prevalent on the rails from the 1840s through the 1890s.


The RPO was one of the most important cars in the train. Many of the PRR’s early RPOs also had sections for baggage and express shipments.

The locomotive includes; transformer controlled forward/neutral/reverse, working headlight, puffing smoke, operating rear coupler and Railsounds RTR with steam chuff, bell, whistle and crew dialog. The engine will be finished appropriately in the Pennsy’s “Dark Green Locomotive Enamel” otherwise known as Brunswick Green with the elaborate trim typical of this era.


Coaches provided plush and comfortable accommodations for day travel.

Completing the train are a Railway Post Office and two coaches. The cars too are finished in the appropriate fancy style for the era. The models feature die-cast arch bar trucks and working couplers.

The set also includes a 40×60″ oval of FasTrack and a CW-80 transformer to start or expand your empire.  The set retails for $339.99. See your dealers to place your order now!



3 responses

4 03 2013
Kenneth Matinale

I checked both Lionel websites but the new Pennsylvania Limited is not found. When and how will it be for sale?

Is the model train locomotive more similar to the Santa Fe El Capitan or the KC Southern, which has exposed copper underneath? Do the cars have lights?

Package deal if ordered with its successors: Pennsylvania Special and the Broadway Limited?

4 03 2013

I am very much looking forward to this set as my son and I both really like that period of RR history!

4 03 2013
Roger Roush

Page 38 in the new Ready-To-Run catalog.

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