New Product Spotlight – SP Black Widow Set

18 03 2013

Fans of the Southern Pacific will love this new freight set. Led by an FT diesel in the road’s “Black Widow” paint scheme, it features a consist typical of the Espee’s diverse operations.

Black Widow Set

6-30217 Black Widow Set will bring the Southern Pacific home.

The “Black Widow” paint scheme featured a black carbody with a brilliant silver and orange wing pattern on the nose. It was the standard paint scheme for locomotives in road-freight service until 1959 when the color scheme was changed to the Lark Gray and red which remained standard with a few modifications and interruptions until the railroad’s end in 1996. Of course many locomotives lasted well into the 1960s without being repainted.

Our new set is led by an FT diesel. These were Electro-Motive’s first big success and paved the way for dieselization across the country. Although the SP itself never owned an FT (their Black Widows were similar F3s and F7s), their subsidiary the Cotton Belt did own some. This powerful engine features:

  • Dual motors

    FT diesel

    The Black Widow scheme was beautiful in its simplicity.

  • Transformer controlled Forward / Neutral / Reverse
  • RailSounds RTR
  • Metal Frame
  • Die-cast metal trucks and pilot
  • Operating Couplers
  • Operating Headlight
  • Detailed cab interior with figures

Southern Pacific owned half of Pacific Fruit Express and the orange reefers were a common sight across the west and beyond.

Also included in the set, a train of freight cars perfect for any Southern Pacific freight. A Pacific Fruit Express mechanical reefer is ready to haul California’s bountiful harvests. A Southern Pacific tank car hauls oil and petroleum products from the many reserves and refineries located all across the railroad’s vast network. And a Rio Grande hopper carries loads of coal. All of these cars feature sprung metal trucks and operating couplers.


A bay-window caboose brings up the markers.

Of course no train would be complete without a caboose. This set features a bay window caboose, quite common on the Southern Pacific, with metal trucks and a lighted, detailed interior.


The Black Widow boxcar was designed to complement this set.

This set also includes a 40 x 60 inch oval of FasTrack and a CW-80 transformer – everything you need to start your railroad or expand it. This set would complement our 2012 SP Merger Set beautifully! You could also add to the consist with the new 6-25946 “Black Widow” High Cube boxcar.

See your dealers to place orders now, this set will retail for $439.99 and ship later in 2013.



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18 03 2013
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