New Product Spotlight – Command Control 1955 Trucks

6 05 2013

Maintenance-of-Way is hard work, but these new trucks will be all play on your layout. Made from all new tooling, decorated for thirteen popular railroads, and operable on Command Control, these new trucks may be small models, but they’re big on fun.

SP Truck

Southern Pacific is just one of 13 roads offered on this new truck.

Railroads have used trucks for decades to assist in inspecting and repairing tracks, signals, structures and other elements of the right-of-way. They could be found just about anywhere on the system. Some were equipped with special wheels that would let them travel on the rails as well as beside them.


A pre-production sample of the upcoming track maintenance truck – the model is seen without tires.

These all new models feature command control so they can be operated on a LEGACY, TMCC or Conventional transformer controlled layout. The trucks also feature working headlights and a flashing strobe light on the roof. All of these electronics and the motor are carefully housed in the body of the truck and beneath its tarp-covered bed to allow a clear interior in this 1:48 scale model.

drivers side

The model features many small add-on details inside and out.

The models will be available for Canadian Pacific, Great Northern, Missouri Kansas and Texas, New York Central, Nickel Plate, Northern Pacific, Pennsylvania, Rio Grande, Santa Fe, Southern, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific and Weyerhauser. They will be a great complement to the Command Control Inspection Cars as well as our other vehicles, work trains and accessories.


The front of the truck is also well detailed.

The trucks retail for $179.99. They will operate on O-27 curves – perfect to bring command control to any layout. The trucks are expected to ship in May and should be ready to go to work on your railroads just in time for the busy summer work season.



9 responses

6 05 2013
Christopher Burger

I surely hope these will be made for S-Scale also! Would look great on my layout with my Texas Specal Passenger set

6 05 2013


6 05 2013
David Sinn

Please tell us that the wheels shown under the body aren’t going to be the ones used in actual production, but that your going to have it actually run on it’s tires as the inspector does.

6 05 2013

The production models will have rubber tires. These should ride on the rails, but we need the flanged metal wheels both for pickup and to keep the trucks on the rails.

6 05 2013

It looks a good deal bigger than the inspection car, bigger than 1:48 scale.

6 05 2013

Available in Pennsy? Where can one preorder these? Thanks

6 05 2013

Yes, it is available in Pennsy. You can preorder through any of our dealers.

6 05 2013
mike kaludjer

prototype OR resurrection of (new) 1955 RR MOW TRUCKS used by all RRs, it is terrible.
it’s ugly. its child-made appearance might have been acceptable in 1955. this new MOW isn’t believeable by its wheel choice AND placement.
the $179 price is an insult to TMCC as well as your customers.
i would be better off buying a $130 inspection car and slapping toy truck on it!

7 05 2013
Christopher Burger

@ Mike Kaludjer and @ lionel. Two very good points. especially the price. So what say you lionel? no answer to my comment about s scale, how about an answer for Mike’s comment?

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