New Product Spotlight – Great Northern PS Freight Set

13 05 2013

The aptly named Great Northern was the northern-most of America’s transcontinental rail lines. Its route across the Rocky Mountains was as challenging as it is beautiful. Built completely from private funds, the Great Northern was unique among the trancontinentals (and most other railroads) in not using any public land grants or funds for its construction.


6-29309 Great Northern Pullman Standard Freight Set

The route has proven to be a critical part of our national infrastructure as a pipeline for commerce to and from ports in the Pacific Northwest. Even today, the line is a key part of the massive BNSF network.

Then and now, moving the freight requires powerful locomotives and lots of freight cars. Lionel’s new Great Northern Pullman Standard Freight Set offers both! Our LEGACY equipped GP35 is powerful yet small enough to handle the curves of most layouts. Each of the three freight cars replicates a standard design by the Pullman Standard Company, one of the country’s largest freight car manufacturers.

The GP35 is decorated in the Great Northern’s attractive green and orange scheme. An additional LEGACY and non-powered unit are also available for individual sale. The locomotive features:

  • LEGACY Control – also capable of running on TMCC or Conventional
  • Odyssey II Speed Control
  • LEGACY RailSounds including
    • CrewTalk and TowerCom dialog
    • 6 Railroad speeds
    • 8 Diesel RPM levels
    • LEGACY Quilling horn
    • Single hit or continuous mechanical bell
    • Sequence control provides sounds and dialog for an entire trip around your layout
    • Current speed and fuel dialog and refueling sounds
  • ElectroCouplers on front and rear
  • Dual motors with flywheels
  • Refined Transformer Control with lower starting speeds
  • Traction Tires
  • Fan-driven smoke unit with adjustable output
  • Directional lighting including LED headlights
  • Working Marker Lights
  • Illuminated number boards
  • Lighted and detailed cab interior with figures
  • Metal frame
  • Die-cast metal trucks, fuel tank and pilots
  • O-31 minimum curve

Trailing behind are three of Pullman Standard’s most prolific products. The 40′ PS-1 boxcar was found on railroads all across North America and you’d be hard pressed to find a mixed freight without at least one in the consist. The boxcar in this set is decorated for the Western Pacific and includes sliding doors.

A 34′ PS-2 covered hopper for the Union Pacific is next. These ubiquitous small cars carry cement and other bulk and heavy dry products. The model features opening roof hatches and a metal frame and ends.

A PS-4 flatcar comes loaded with a pair of Great Northern piggyback trailers. It’s a fitting addition for this train. Today this route is a key intermodal corridor. The flatcar features a real wood deck and the body is die-cast, along with the two trailers.

And of course, bringing up the rear we have a classic wide-vision caboose in the Great Northern’s Big Sky Blue. The lighted caboose also features a lighted and painted interior with figures, rotating roller bearing caps on the axles, and a smoke unit with on/off switch.

All of the cars feature operating couplers with hidden uncoupling tabs and all but the caboose have sprung metal trucks. The entire train will also operate on O-31 curves.

This great train retails for $829.99 and should be shipping later this month.



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13 05 2013

Make an all Big Sky Blue train set.

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