Lionel Tackles E3

11 06 2013

This is an incredibly exciting time for Lionel—we’re embracing the digital age and bringing the classic train back into kids’ hands with an action-packed mobile app. This week is the first splash in our summer launch of the iPad game, Battle Train.

To kick-off things off, we’re here at the Los Angeles Convention Center attending The Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3, the industry’s premier electronic gaming show. In addition to demoing Battle Train, we’ll be displaying an exciting assortment of Ready-to-Run train towers and our Legacy set powered by an iPad.

Lionel Battle Train takes place in the not so distant future where the only method of transportation is the railway. And it’s your mission to defend thousands of miles of track against evil villains. Curious about the game? In the coming weeks we’ll divulge even more details about Battle Train so stay tuned!

Want to join in on our E3 adventure? Follow Lionel Trains on Twitter and Instagram at Lionel_Trains.  And for more information on Battle Train visit

Tony Bordon, VP Marketing

Lionel Battle Train



6 responses

11 06 2013
Stewart Roberts

Mr. Bordon

I’m building my umpteenth Lionel layout (at age 64), now with FasTrack (and still some Super “O”).

In the Instagram photo of a demonstration layout, where did you get the girders and railings which, surround the elevated track?


Stew Roberts

Hilliard, Ohio

11 06 2013
Kenneth Matinale

What’s a “Ready-to-Run train tower”?

11 06 2013

One of our traveling displays. It has four circles of track stacked in a tower so that we can display multiple sets.

11 06 2013
Kenneth Matinale

What’s the rower made of? Are there photos?

11 06 2013
Mike Davis

Wonderful. Lionel spends big bucks trying to lure future customers while current customers are still waiting on orders for catalog items placed more than a year ago (or longer). Maybe the “Battle Train” log-in screen should have an “I accept” box that says Lionel does not promise delivery … ever.

11 06 2013
Louis Bruette

I hope you offer the game and other things for the PC and other devices. I don’t like apple or any of the over priced devices they make. I am glad to see Lionel embrace the 21st century! Lionel is the BEST!

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