Sneak Peek at Battle Train: Blasting through the Prairie, Desert, and Mountain Regions

25 07 2013

Everyone here at Lionel is excited about the upcoming launch of Battle Train, our free-to-download iPad game. Battle Train is packed with action, so prepare to battle tons of villains and take on all sorts of different missions. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect in the game:

dispatch 17 in prairie region


With the help of Dispatch 17 at the Lionel Delivery Company, you’ll defend the railway and protect cargo from an army of unmanned enemy Robocars. First, you’ll begin battle in the lush Prairie Region. Don’t get too comfortable here, because each successive region is more difficult than the one before it!



desert region



Next, you’ll fight against new enemies in the Desert Region. The terrain is dry and barren, and it’ll be up to you to blast through the fire-breathing Robocars to keep the precious cargo protected.

mountain region






If you’ve gotten this far, you’re in for the most difficult region yet: the Mountain Region. Fight through the dark and rocky area against more advanced Robocars in the third stage of Battle Train.



battle train switchyard


Wondering how you’ll make it through? Load up! Throughout the game, you’ll have access to the Switchyard, where you can deck your train with new armor and weaponry as you battle through the regions and fight to save the people. They’re counting on you to make it through each mission and deliver vital goods. Are you up for the challenge?


If you haven’t already, visit our Battle Train tab on Facebook to enlist to receive updates on the game. You’ll be of the first to know when the game is released so you can get in on the action. We hope you’re ready to defeat Dr. DeRaille and his army of Robocars in Battle Train. So accept your mission, and prepare for battle!



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25 07 2013
Louis Bruette

I can’t wait for the android version!

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