New Product Spotlight – Silver Bells Express Set

29 07 2013

How about a little Christmas in July for this week’s New Product Spotlight? (Maybe thinking of December will help beat this heat…)

The new Silver Bells Express set is the perfect addition for under your tree or to your train platform. The festive train is controlled by our new LionChief Remote System for easy control on any new or existing layout (or sitting in a comfy chair by the tree!)


The Silver Bells Express will be a great addition to any Christmas tree or layout.

Decorated for the holidays, this set includes a 2-4-2 steam locomotive and tender, boxcar, gondola with two large bells and caboose. You’ll also get a 40″ x 50″ oval of FasTrack, the simple plug-in power supply and the remote control.

Thanks to the new features of our LionChief Remote, you can choose between realistic train sounds and holiday bells and announcements! The locomotive also features:

  • Die-cast Locomotive Body


    The locomotive’s LionChief Remote control system will allow you to enjoy the many features from anywhere in the room.

  • Powerful Maintenance-free Motor
  • Traction Tire
  • Working Headlight
  • Puffing Smoke Unit
  • Working Coupler on Tender
  • On / Off Switches for Sound and Smoke

The freight cars and caboose all feature operating couplers and the gondola includes two removable bells.


This set will look just as good on your tree as it does under it.

In addition to running under the tree, you can add the Silver Bells to the tree itself! This new set is featured on two of our new Christmas ornaments. The (9-21015) Collectors Series Christmas ball and the large indoor / outdoor ball (9-21033) will look great with the other decorations of classic trains from Lionel’s past.

This year you can trim your entire home in Lionel! The Silver Bells Set is a great place to start.



6 responses

9 02 2014
mike kaludjer

Lion Chief train sets and individual locomotives are NOT equivalent. Isn’t it true that ONLY the MOTIVE POWER, not a set loco, has the option of transformer control?
It’s not a bad exchange someone who doesn’t want the Sodor 4-wheel wagon freight cars. Yet, my kid smiles at said cargo carriers AND I like the sets’ cabeese as well. Alas, the public can’t have it both ways.
I was impressed at Area 51 set blog’s admission that Legacy (and lower grade) engines are too expensive for the average and lesser hobbyists. Now, I’ll wait and watch for the creeping upward of prices – Lionel’s 2nd trademark.
But, I gotta say that this step into reality for most of us looks good on Lionel.
I’ll scoop up the sets and next year buy some R/C engines.
Just an urged suggestion about your sets (short locos & cars) and the 5 types of steam locomotive and diesel offerings in the Lion Chief genre. Lionel made it with TMCC and dropped it quickly. Why does Lionel avoid ALCos? Even MTH offered an FA, but not with PROTO-2. Am I the only guy who likes that diesel?

11 02 2014

Mike, Yes only the individual sale LionChief Plus locomotives have the transformer control option. These locomotives are in a different category from our LionChief line which is used in sets and have many other features which the LionChief locos do not (speed control, ElectroCouplers…) While we can’t control inflation, our goal is to keep both of these lines priced to be an affordable entry point into the hobby and growth option from sets to more sophisticated features. As to Alco’s, I can’t release anything officially just yet but I think you’ll see something you like in the near future.

11 02 2014
mike kaludjer

Thank you for a quick and hope filled response.
I kinda understand inflation; my barometer is MTH (trains) and its DCS.
You mention that “speed control” is NOT on Lion Chief sets along with electro-couplers. Isn’t there a speed wheel?
Your Lion Chief sets are a blessing** with limitations, but not enough to ignore them at the store.
So I can’t switch to conventional track power, but that is eliminated on Lion Chief Plus engines.
I like SHORT Thomas. Why isn’t he, and friends, included in your LCP line-up?

My conceptual difficulty in mixing LCPs with conventional tracks is the HOW and why not a better way*?
I see a dual purpose track (like a station) where an R/C train pulls in at 18V — powers off. A nearby point is insulated between the 18V “oval” and conventional “oval.” (LC R/C 7” James** will never do the next step.)
*I go to that engine, flip its switch from LCP to transformer control, and do the same to this dual purpose track.
Now the LCP engine can move onto a conventionally powered “oval,” while that station track is reset to 18V.
That sounds like much hands-on adjustment in this age of REMOTE (hands-off) controlled operation.

Sincerely yours, Mike in Canada

**A BIG reason to like Lion Chief Thomas is that I LIKE SHORT engines, freight cars, and Annie & Clarabelle. Sorrowfully, no one except RMT (Ready Made Trains [ustabe Toys]) sells SHORT passenger cars of which I have six.
SHORT — that was the purpose of O-27; I grew up with those cars and curves.
I have a string of red cabeese called “The Poor Man” RR and R/C James will pull them. That is why I bought two of last year’s Thomas and want to acquire the other SHORT R/C train sets this year.

12 02 2014

Speed control on the LC Plus engines was in reference to Odyssey II speed control which will help the train maintain a constant speed setting on curves and grades.
Thank you for your suggestions. I can’t say too much about future production, but I think you’ll see some more small equipment offerings very soon.

12 02 2014
mike kaludjer

Thank you.
You must be on Odyssey control judging by the speed of your response.

12 04 2014
mike kaludjer

Mike in Canada thanks Lionel for its JSS (Junction STARTER Set series.)
I emphasize the word STARTER because I feel strongly that the kid who gets a JSS will be disappointed.
Chances are that whoever gives him/her the JSS will stop there. ($175US is a hefty price for a birthday present. Anything more for the kid seems extraneous.) The STARTER idea will stop there.
The STARTER idea will stop there, UNLESS Lionel provides the recipient with a means by which to leap forward. UNLESS Lionel adds two coupons to the JSS, it has, in all probability, no chance of becoming anything but a star for the giver’s forehead. UNLESS the giver is a Lioneller, there won’t be any straight available to the kid for expansion.

TLC (Train Lionchief Circle (of track)) WON’T be spawned in the kid’s heart!
This seed of a FUTURE BUYER of Lionel WON’T flourish. She/he will get bored with a train that chases its tail.
From that boredom will arise Lionel’s anticipated ADULT-PRICED purchases of more track — typical of the bottom-line Lionel that we’ve all come to expect.
Today’s average incomer will balk at the additional outlay and most likely will refuse.
Lionel has just killed its future. Just look at the dwindling population of the Lionel Nation; its long-ago-kids-now-buying-base is dwindling. Lionel has coasted into its struggling (and the O hobby’s) decline BECAUSE there was NO FUTURE VISION. Today’s kid is tomorrow’s adult buyer UNLESS Lionel lights the fuse of its JSS concept. JSS is NOT A SUSTAINABLE IDEA; it goes nowhere on its own boxed merit. THE SEED, which it is meant to be, WHITHERS.

TWO measly COUPONS could give the kid leverage with the dad to spring for additional track. It wouldn’t cost Lionel much to offer a 50% discount off the adult price for a FOUR PACK of TRACK in exchange for ONE COUPON. Just like the kids who save to buy HO stuff, a JSS owner will save to buy the 4-wheel tank car – THE PRICE FOR WHICH IT SELLS was not mentioned!
NOW the JSS becomes “sustainable” in that it grows! Now the kid has been bitten by Lionel – the set and the brand. Now this kid is POTENTIALLY a FUTURE BUYER. Now this JSS is not boring.
As I described in my comment about the JSS Product Spotlight, to which The Red Caboose took bewildered exception, four kids, together, could build a “community layout.”

The JSS can remain as a new lure to suck more money from the heap end of the nation’s flagging population. OR it could be the needed impetus for Lionel’s FUTURE SALES. The present lasts but a moment; the future is yet to come.
Lionel must decide whether it will be self-serving which is the same cul-de-sac it has followed since its first bankruptcy or make reforestation a primary motive.


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