Freight Car Friday Index – Freight Cars at Your Fingertips

30 08 2013

Instead of one new freight car this week, we thought we’d bring back all of them! Our Freight Car Friday blog has been very well received and we thank you for all of your compliments and comments. One frequently heard suggestion was to create an easy-to-search index of these articles so you could go back and catch up or revisit. There have after all been more than 100 of these posts now.


Too many freight cars to keep track? Our new index will help you sort out your yard.

So we’ve added a new tab to the top menu here on the blog. Just click on “Freight Car Friday Index” to take you to a complete index of all of these articles. The index has been categorized to help you find what you want, whether it is information about a specific type of car, modeling tips, help with an industry for your layout, or just plain old reading fun. Because of this, some articles are listed twice if they were appropriate for multiple topics and we’ve included some good reference pages published in the other six days of the week to make this reference as complete as possible.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean we’ve reached the end of the series! Freight car topics are already lined up well into 2014 and we’ll continue to update the index with the new releases (probably about once a month.) So this Friday, take a look at the new index and read about the cars that interest you most – whether it’s an old favorite or a post you missed the first time around. We’ll be back next week with another all-new topic.



One response

30 08 2013
Louis Bruette

Outstanding! Thank you!

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