Lionel Battle Train Makes a Huge Blast!

10 09 2013

We hope you’ve been enjoying our free-to-download iPad game, Lionel Battle Train! It’s been a huge hit, and we wanted to give fans a glimpse into the launch.                                

How’s Lionel Battle Train doing?

It’s been only a couple weeks since the launch of Battle Train, and we’re already thrilled by the game’s success. The game has enjoyed tens of thousands of downloads thus far, resulting in a healthy user base of Battle Train gamers. It continues to host thousands of daily users powering their way through missions and regions—and sharing progress with their friends.

Who’s talking about it?

We’re happy to share that Battle Train has been met with wonderful reviews from the press, too. Here’s a snapshot of what the media is saying about the game:

  • “There’s something very satisfying about building up a train loaded to the brim with weaponry.” –Andrew Webster, The Verge
  • “Train fights! With the actual Lionel license, too. Nifty!” –Lucas Thomas, IGN
  • “If you enjoy games that riff on genres like strategy and tower defense, Lionel Battle Train will present an interesting take on both.” –Phil Hornshaw, Appolicious
  • “It’s goofy, it’s a Battle Train, but it’s just silly fun!” –Russ Frushtick, Polygon
  • “…the addictive pursuit of constantly upping your rolling arsenal makes Lionel Battle Train an amusing freebie” –Nathan Meunier, MacLife
  • “This year, [Lionel is] riding a bullet train into the future with the release of its first mobile game, Lionel Battle Train.” –Neilie Johnson, Examiner
  • “It’s actually a really cool game!” –Mike Fahey, Kotaku

What’s coming up next for fans?

In our effort to make the game the best it can be, we’ve already submitted a new build to Apple. Keep on the lookout for an update coming to the game soon! We continue to listen to our users for suggestions and enhancements and are committed to building a great game. We’d love to hear about your Battle Train experience in the comments below.

In the meantime, if you haven’t played the game yet, check out real gameplay footage here and some screenshots below to see what you’re missing!

To play, download Lionel Battle Train for iPad from the App Store. From everyone here at Lionel, thanks again for helping to make this game a huge success.



8 responses

10 09 2013
Louis Bruette

Don’t forget you have Lionel Fans that use Android based devices

10 09 2013
Paul Fullmer

How about a kindle verson!!

10 09 2013
dave stopher

It sure would be nice if there was an android version, seeing as how android has already surpassed the IOS in popularity!

11 09 2013
Steve Garceau

As the above writers – how about an android version? Thanks.

11 09 2013

How about more model railroading and less war gaming !!!!
Do you know how horrible war is???

16 09 2013

Finished the game, need more levels added, any word on levels being added?

24 09 2013

Hey Lionel! Android out-sells Apple 4 to 1…..Why Apple first?????

27 09 2013

Android please!:-)

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