New Product Spotlight – Area 51 LionChief Remote Set

14 10 2013

A few minutes of play with this new set will have you saying, “This new LionChief Remote is out of this world!” The combination of the train and sounds are sure to make this set the center of speculation on any layout.


6-30206 The Area 51 LionChief Set will be hard to hide!

Perhaps the worst-kept “secret base” in history, the actual happenings around a small corner of the Edwards Air Force base near Groom Lake, NV have been the subject of much controversy for more than 50 years. From conspiracy theories to sci-fi movies, the pop culture impact of Area 51 has been enormous and probably won’t fade away any time soon. Bring some of that excitement down to your train platform with this new set.


The locomotive’s bold graphics are more than matched by its dynamic sounds.

The Area 51 set includes an RS-3, flatcar with space capsules, waffle-side boxcar, work caboose, 40″x50″ FasTrack oval, power supply and remote control. The highlight of the set will no doubt be the new LionChief RS-3 with its many sound features and remote control. You can toggle back and forth between realistic locomotive sounds with the diesel engine, horn and bell and outer-worldly sounds which simply have to be heard to be believed. (See the video link below if you’re one of the “non-believers!”)

The locomotive also features:

  • Electric locomotive controlled by remote


    Add some more out-of-this-world fun to your layout with the 6-37853 Area 51 Billboard Set available separately.

  • On/off switch for sound
  • RailSounds RC sound system with diesel revving and background sounds, horn, bell, and user-activated alien sounds (with remote use only)
  • Operating headlight
  • Powerful maintenance-free motor
  • Operating coupler
  • Lighted interior

The freight cars feature:

  • Operating couplers
  • Opening doors on boxcar
  • Removable capsules on flatcar
tank car

Expand your train with the 6-26492 Area 51 Tank Car available separately.

Like our other LionChief sets, assembly takes only minutes. Simply plug the wall pack into your track and a wall outlet. All of the locomotive’s functions can be controlled on the remote (three AAA batteries are required, not included.) And you can run the train on conventional, TMCC or LEGACY controlled layouts as well! You can run multiple LionChief sets on the same layout – even on the same loop of track –  thanks to their pre-programmed channels.

Expand your set with our Area 51 Tank Car available separately (or with other alien-themed cars we’ve done in the past.) And let the secret out on your layout with the add-on Area 51 Billboard Set.

If you enjoy the play-value of toy trains, then you will not want to miss this new set. The set retails for $249.99. (Add on tank car is $42.99 and billboards $10.99.) It’s the most fun you can have without a flying saucer!



12 responses

14 10 2013

Mysterious Area 51 is in Nevada according to a Google map search.

14 10 2013
B. Verna

Lionel – You must have failed geography. You have the state entry as AZ (wrong) in one place, and Edwards AFB is probably 350 mi from Groom Lake.

14 10 2013

Sorry, but you have your information a little off… Area 51 is in Nevada which is a couple hundred miles from Edwards AFB in CA. Also, Groom Lake (a dry lake bed) is in Nevada….not Arizona…

14 10 2013
Andrew Falconer

To make this train set more intense it would be worth the time to put together scenery that looks like Nevada.

16 10 2013
Mike Kaludjer

A while back, I commented on the Thomas R/C set. There, I grumbled about the set’s inability to run conventionally (something I had heard.) Should this Area 51 set’s ability to run conventionally [as promised above] applies to the Thomas SETS, I want to APOLOGIZE here and now.
As far as the Area 51 set is concerned, IT IS AMAZING @ $250. Even w/o R/C couplers, the single operating coupler is not a deterrent. Letting my grand kids operate everything by R/C will be thrilling. At that price, I’m not worried about crashes to the cement floor!!
This is truly a Lionel milestone.
Now, let’s see how long this price can resist increases of any amount; it’s my BIGGEST reason for avoiding buying anything Lionel beyond used.
I’ll get each of your new R/C sets this year, then over the next several years I’ll buy new sets OR EVEN THE SAME SETS [since they’re pre-programmed] IF, and only if, THE PRICE DOESN’T RISE! The kids can build simple oval layouts at home.
Thank you!

22 10 2013

how do they know they come from china.this is not the train company I knew from my kid days.this is so sad.

22 10 2013
Rick Krenske

What they mean by “you can run the train on conventional controlled layouts” is that you can supply 18 volts power to the track with a conventional transformer so your remote control can run the train. Your conventional transformer will not vary the speed of your locomotive. Next year Lionel is planning to manufacture some LionChief engines that will have a switch so you can change the engine to conventional transformer control. I hope they include that switch on engines in future LionChief sets also.

23 10 2013
mike kaludjer

Is what you wrote accurate? If so, then I’ll wait until next year to give Lionel ANY MONEY. It seems typical of business to mislead their customers.
Why wait for NEXT YEAR? They could’ve delayed the R/C sets in order to present the best product for the enjoyment that they’re supposedly exchanging for customers’ scarce money.
Now I have another reason to look elsewhee for train stuff!
MTH offers an automobile freight car with 4 Chrysler PT Cruisers for $65.
Thank you, Rick.

23 10 2013
Rick Krenske

Whether it’s a new way to run your trains, or a new way to buy health insurance, the people in charge better think a bit more before they put out a new product.

23 10 2013
a j menard

great works let see more hand controls on steam engines we wil wait. aj

24 10 2013

RS-3s are ugly, boring engines.

25 10 2013
Henry N Wilson

Is the Area 51 set available?

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