New Product Spotlight – News From York

21 10 2013

This past week marked the 44th annual fall gathering for the TCA Eastern Division’s “York Meet.” Twice a year we and other manufacturers debut some of our new products at these events and this fall Lionel had several big announcements to make. So if you didn’t make it to York, or if you just didn’t get enough of the new stuff, here are our highlights:

Vision Big Boy

Big Boy

The VISION Big Boy will be packed with new features. Look for more details on this exciting piece in 2014.

For those who have been waiting and wondering if there would be any more ground-breaking Vision Line products, as you can see we’ve been working on something BIG! Our new Vision Line Big Boy will be featured in the 2014 Signature Catalog but you can get a sneak peek right now. Like other Vision Line engines, this model brings never-before-seen features to the market.

For the Big Boy this includes a special dual-smoke stack which will mimic the dual chuffs from the Big Boy’s paired driver sets. In addition to the twin smoke units for the stack, the Big Boy also features whistle steam and a blowdown effect. That’s four smoke units in one boiler!

Also new on the Big Boy, an amazing depleting coal load effect. As the engine runs, the coal load slowly drops into the center of the tender just like the prototype. Even better, this effect is controlled through the LEGACY system and the speed of the coal depletion is based on how hard the engine is working. It may take 15 minutes – it may take 45 – it all depends on how hard you run your engine. You can keep tabs on the coal and water with the new sensor tracks as well. When the coal gets low, simply refill it. You’ll hear the sound of coal dropping into the tender as the load slowly piles back up.

Speaking of sounds, the Big Boy will have three speakers; two in the tender and one in the boiler. This will provide the most realistic sound quality and placement possible on the locomotive.

There will be many more features on these engines of course. Look for more details in the 2014 Signature Catalog and future updates here on our blog!

LionChief Plus Locomotives

LCP Mikado

The new LionChief Plus locomotives will combine the best of our remote and conventional engines. This is a prototype for the semi-scale Mikado.

While we know you all love to see how we’ll push the envelope with our new VISION features, we also recognize that the cost of this technology is more than many can spend to enjoy this hobby. Our new LionChief Plus locomotives offer exciting new technology at a much lower price point.

As the name implies, these locomotives use the LionChief Remote control system you’ve seen on our new Ready-to-Run sets, but with additional features. Just like the remote sets, these locomotives can be operated using the included remote control on any layout, whether it is powered by a wall-pack, conventional transformer, TMCC or LEGACY. Now with the flip of a switch, you can control the engine with your conventional transformer like any other conventional engine as well.


The LionChief Plus system will be available on 5 different types of locomotives in 20 total roadnames in 2014.

In addition to the conventional control option, these locomotives feature fan-driven smoke, amazing sound and a working electro-coupler! (The electro-coupler feature is only available when using the LionChief Remote control at this time.) We introduced five new models at York with prototypes on hand. These include the semi-scale Mikado, Hudson and Pacific and an RS-3 and GP-7. Each locomotive will be available in several roadnames and like the sets, each engine will have its own radio frequency so you can run multiple locomotives on the same track without interference.

Look for more information on this exciting new product as we get closer to release in 2014.

LCS Sensor Track and LCS Control System

sensor track

The new Sensor Track opens many doors and connects quickly to your layout and LEGACY system.

With our display layout now updated with the new sensor tracks and the new LCS control modules, we also demonstrated the exciting possibilities soon to be available with both of these new technologies.

The Sensor Track will work with your LEGACY locomotives to activate a wide variety of features on the engine or on the layout. You can use the sensor track to report back fuel levels on the locomotive, automatically blow the whistle or horn, stop the train and many many more functions. There are 8 pre-programmed actions and you can even create your own for a virtually unlimited variety.


LCS can put control of your entire layout at your fingertips – in your cab or other wireless devices.

The Sensor Track is just one part of the inclusive Layout Control System that you can use to put all of the features of the layout at your fingertips. LCS is completely customisable to your needs. There are modules to control switches, accessories and power blocks. These modules will allow you to control your entire layout from not only your LEGACY cab but also up to 15 wireless devices with the addition of the optional Wi-Fi module.

We know there is a lot to take in and think about with LCS, so we’ll present more detailed features on all of the components here on the blog in the near future. For more information right now, check out our lcs site.

More News!

There is always more good news from York than will fit in one post. In addition to all of these previews, we displayed many examples of other exciting products soon-to-ship or now shipping at York. We’ll post photos of those tomorrow here on the blog.



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21 10 2013

Lionel you have a problem! Sent from my iPhone


21 10 2013
Dannyboy's Pub

Please don’t forget those of us that have not purchased Apple’s nitch products. An Android app as well as the iPad app would serve you well.


Daniel Brewer 12164 Covered Wagon Court Granger, In 46530 Mobile: 574-286-0309 Email:

21 10 2013

It was also announced at York that non-Apple integration is also in the works. Stay tuned!

13 11 2013

Apple is niche now? Seems pretty mainstream to me.

21 10 2013

Hi, Very interesting and exciting New stuff. Now, just do not forget you need to not make errors paint scheme matches (there have been many in the past few years), offer New and different paint schemes of the many styles that truly existed, make colorful schemes not the brown bal (color sells), and Use All the Railroads of the USA History not just the Major lines. It would truly nice to see some of the Diesels that Lionel still has not made in Scale like RS-1 or RS-3, RSD-5, SD-45, SD-9, SD-35 or even bring back the Scale FM Trainmaster. Bear in mind, as you raise Prices through the roof for lack Volume Sales you drop off more Buyers. A Fair and Reasonable Price will always Sell. A Life Time Lionel Train Enthusiast. Regards, Danny Pencak

24 10 2013
Alex Wood

The locomotives come equipped with onboard sound and command control electronics. The prices range from $400 to $500.

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