New Product Spotlight – More News from York

22 10 2013

Yesterday we showed previews of some of the major new releases coming in 2014 debuted last week in York. Of course there were lots of other products on display as well. Here are some of the highlights.

Weathered Locomotives

B&O weatherered

Weathered B&O Sharks


Weathered UP 9000


Weathered PRR Sharks

Samples of the UP 9000, PRR and B&O weathered sharks, all featured in the 2013 Fall Catalog, were all on display. Each weathered model will be hand-weathered by artist Harry Heike – a beautiful and personal touch to make your models unique. The extra touch of weathering really brings out the details on the models.

Norfolk Southern Heritage

Preproduction samples of all 10 shells for the Heritage SD70ACE and three of the ES44AC O Gauge locomotives were on display as well as many of the American Flyer versions as well.


Conrail Heritage in American Flyer…


…and in O!


Nickel Plate Heritage


SD70ACE’s too. Here are the Wabash…


…and the Reading.


PE set

The Polar Express colors work very well on the FT.

From the new Polar Express Streamlined Passenger set to our new home-decor items, Christmas came early in York. (Even Santa showed up!)

Look for more Christmas product blog posts in the coming weeks.

American Flyer

mint car

The American Flyer Mint Car looks like a million bucks!

In addition to the new Heritage locomotives, there were several other American Flyer cars shown was well, including the new mint car.


Samples of many of our LionChief Remote sets ran the days away on our display towers. There were plenty of other traditional locomotives, sets and cars to see as well.

SF Set

The new Santa Fe Scout was just one of many LionChief Remote sets operating.


“Where the Wild Things Are” Mint Car


We had enough new Made in the USA cars to fill an entire wall, including Presidential series cars and the Armed Services series flat and box cars.



Scale Locomotives and Rolling Stock

A few more goodies to round out our display.

L&N 2-bay hopper

L&N 2-bay hopper



10 responses

22 10 2013
John Ochranek

While the weathered locos LOOK nice, they need to sound old, worn and tired too. The sound chip needs to be reworked like the Warhorse sets from severral years ago.

22 10 2013
mike kaludjer

I have enjoyed your CHEAPER RTR R/C train set articles on Thomas and Area 51. I was disappointed with the blip on the other RS-3 R/C set. It doesn’t matter should you repeat the details in each. You could make the details in chart form.
I want to know NOW what I’ll be buying before I get to the store which WON’T BE ABLE TO ANSWER those details; I know so because I’ve asked and been told so!
MY MAIN CONCERN is which sets are controllable by a conventional transformer. MTH Trains has R/C but also run from their transformer!

The point is that this year your price is $250, so I want to buy them now BECAUSE Lionel is notorious lately to raise prices. This worries me BECAUSE no one is answering my concerns and I don’t want to give you my money only to be disappointed. Also my dealer doesn’t want to bring in so many different sets just to read the boxes.
Can someone understand my dillema?

22 10 2013


First, I’m not sure what the “blip” is you are disappointed with on the RS-3. If you are referring to something on the body, then yes, all of the RS-3s will share the same carbody features.

On the issue of conventional control, none of the LionChief Remote sets are controllable with a conventional transformer. You can use them on a layout powered by a conventional transformer by using it to supply the 18V to the rails and controlling the train with the remote. You will still have all the functions and can run just as well. The only difference is that you are not tethered to the layout by the transformer itself. And since using a transformer only gives you control of one train at a time, you can actually run more trains at once this way. Most transformers, including our CW-80, will provide enough power to run at least 2 LionChief Remote engines without problems on the same track.

Lionel’s new LionChief Plus locomotives, which will be separate sale engines (not with sets) in 2014, will be equipped with a switch to allow you to go back and forth between the remote and conventional control. You will have all of the same functions and options you normally have with a locomotive in whichever mode you operate. In other words, you can operate with the remote on any power supply of 18V in remote mode, or you can flip the switch and run the train like a conventional locomotive with the transformer or use your TMCC / LEGACY cabs to run the train as you would any other conventional locomotive. There will be more information on specific features next year as we get closer to the release of this new line which was just announced last week.

I hope that helps clarify the situation. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

22 10 2013

I would like use the ment flyer on my next lens on squidoo if it ok?

Thank you,

Archie Rewis

23 10 2013


I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what you’re asking about.

22 10 2013
Andrew Falconer

I like the Chicago & NorthWestern F7 in Safety Yellow.

24 10 2013
Robert L Cole

When are the new weathed B&O Sharks coming out?

27 10 2013
john galla

whats the best price possible on those awesome weathered prr sharks ??

28 10 2013

The weathered sharks have an MSRP of $829.99. Many of our dealers do offer discounts off of MSRP, but I can not recommend one over another. You’ll have to shop around to find the best price. Thanks!

29 10 2013
john galla

thanx for your quick reply. have been an avid lionel collector since santa gave me my first set in 1953 !!!!

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