New Product Spotlight – LEGACY Dash 9 Locomotives

25 11 2013

Following on the heals of the Dash-8 line which helped General Electric grab the Number 1 spot in locomotive production, GE’s Dash 9 became the face of North American railroads from the 1990s to today. Found on railroads in every corner of the continent, no modern-era layout should be without at least one of these locomotives.

Prototype Background


6-39565 Santa Fe

The first Dash 9 rolled out of Erie, Pennsylvania in 1993. The Dash-9 was also micro-processor controlled like the Dash-8. They also include split-cooled radiators (a feature found on some late-production Dash 8’s as well) and the 7-FDL diesel engine.

While there have been several locomotives in the “Dash 9” line, by far the most common is the C44-9W. These six-axle, comfort-cab equipped locomotives generate 4,400 horsepower. Norfolk Southern’s fleet of C40-9Ws have 400 less horsepower but are identical on the exterior. There are some variations in headlight arrangements and other small details between railroads, but overall the locomotives are strikingly similar.


6-39586 Norfolk Southern

Not since EMD’s SD40-2 has a single locomotive so completely dominated the motive power landscape. The C44-9W can be found in all types of railroad freight service, from unit coal trains to priority intermodal runs.

Other than locomotives too badly damaged in wrecks to be rebuilt, all of the Dash 9s built remain in service today. Some have changed hands due to mergers. The end of production came with the introduction of GE’s new Evolution Series of locomotives which bring added EPA Tier 2 compliance to the line.

Lionel’s Models

BC Rail

6-39568 BC Rail

Lionel is happy to bring this modern powerhouse to your railroad in roadnames to fit any interest.

All of the models feature:

  • LEGACY Control – also capable of running on TMCC or Conventional
  • Odyssey II Speed Control


    6-39574 Chicago & North Western

  • LEGACY RailSounds including
    • CrewTalk and TowerCom dialog
    • 6 Railroad speeds
    • 8 Diesel RPM levels
    • LEGACY Quilling horn
    • Single hit or continuous mechanical bell
    • Sequence control provides sounds and dialog for an entire trip around your layout
    • Current speed and fuel dialog and refueling sounds
  • ElectroCouplers on front and rear


    6-39571 BNSF

  • Dual motors with flywheels
  • Refined Transformer Control with lower starting speeds
  • Traction Tires
  • Fan-driven smoke unit with adjustable output
  • Directional lighting including LED headlights


    6-39583 CSX

  • Working Marker Lights
  • Illuminated number boards
  • Lighted and detailed cab interior with figures
  • Operating Ditch Lights
  • Metal frame
  • Die-cast metal trucks, fuel tank and pilots
  • O-36 minimum curve

6-39859 Canadian National

Two LEGACY powered and one non-powered locomotive are available for each roadname allowing you to recreate a hefty 3-unit consist. These locomotives also frequently wandered from one railroad to another, so mixing some of your favorites will look perfectly prototypical.


6-39580 Union Pacific

Non-Powered locomotives feature:

  • Die-cast metal trucks, pilot and fuel tank
  • Select separately applied details
  • Magnetic couplers

6-39577 Southern Pacific

Powered locomotives retail for $529.99, non-powered for $259.99. All locomotives will negotiate O-36 curves. Whether they’re on the point of doublestacks, autoracks, mixed freight or a coal train, these common workhorses are a must for your modern layout. See you dealer to pick up yours today.



2 responses

25 11 2013
Daniel Brewer

I’m a big Legacy fan and have a 15×21 all Legacy layout. I have to say this model has been the most problematic that I’ve had. The sound has been intermittent since I bought it…the QA was not done properly at all.

26 11 2013
Andrew Falconer

A DASH 9 from each railroad shown has pulled a freight train through Michigan on the CN/GTW mainline. The CNW and SP DASH 9s have mostly been repainted by the Union Pacific.

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