New Product Spotlight – Christmas Freight Cars

16 12 2013

This year we’ve added many new Christmas-themed freight cars to our catalog to help brighten your layout. Whatever your model interest, we’ve got something to help trim your trains!

Postwar Inspired


6-27946 Christmas Savings Boxcar

For those who still thrill at the memories of Christmas’ past we have four new cars inspired by some of our classic Postwar trains.

The 6050-25 Christmas Savings Club boxcar features AAR-style die-cast trucks and a coin slot in the roof (so you can start saving for more trains!) It retails for $54.99.


6-27948 Great Northern Christmas Boxcar

Our 6464-25 Great Northern Christmas boxcar has operating doors and bar-end style die-cast trucks. It has a metal frame and retails for $59.99. All of our Postwar Inspired and other Christmas cars seen here have operating couplers.


6-27947 Reindeer Transport Car

The 6473-25 Reindeer Transport Car is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. The reindeer heads bob in and out of the side windows as the stock car rolls along the track. Retail price: $59.99


6-27949 Christmas PRR Merchandise Car

For even more action, the Merchandise Car returns with the 3854-25 PRR Christmas Merchandise Car. With the press of a button, the doors of the green car open automatically as presents are dispensed from the car. The car includes six colorful packages and retails for $74.99.

Traditional Freight Cars


6-26489 Hershey’s Christmas Bells Boxcar

These festive cars will all fit in with any traditional layout. Many are will complement our existing licensed train sets as well.

It’s just not Christmas without chocolate! Add to your Hershey’s trains with the Hershey’s Christmas Bells Boxcar. The car features die-cast sprung trucks, metal frame and opening doors. Retail: $64.99


6-29698 Tree Topper Transport

Top things off with our Tree Topper Transport bulkhead flatcar. The red and green car comes loaded with three large gold stars which are removable. This car also has sprung die-cast trucks and retails for $79.99.


6-26481 BSA Christmas Gondola

We salute the Boy Scouts’ spirit of giving with the BSA Christmas Gondola. A perfect addition to your Christmas trains or your BSA set, this gondola comes loaded with crates and decorated for the Scouting for Food and Clothing drive. Car features die-cast trucks and retails for $64.99.


6-25977 Leg Lamp Mint Car

The Leg Lamp – need we say more? It has become a holiday icon of “major” proportions and now its warm glow can draw neighbors from all around to your layout. The Christmas Story “Leg Lamp” Mint Car features a look into the windows in that timeless movie scene. The lighted car features die-cast trucks, metal frame and a lighted interior. Retail price is $79.99. Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as “Fra-Gee-Lay” as the original!


6-29792 Angela Trotta Thomas Toyland Express Boxcar

From the living room window to the storefront display… This year’s Angela Trotta Thomas boxcar features “Toyland Express.” Angela’s painting captures all of the warmth and excitement of those classic Lionel train displays. The boxcar features sprung die-cast trucks, metal frame and opening doors. Retail price: $64.99


6-25960 Christmas Tree Transparent Boxcar

Railroads were at one time a leading shipper of Christmas trees every December. Now you can add these movements to your railroad with the North Pole Central Christmas Tree Transparent Boxcar. The car has see-through sides and opening doors along with die-cast trucks. Retail price: $74.99.


6-29697 Santa’s Submarine Flatcar

From the starry skies to the deep blue oceans, Santa has to get around! We’d love to see what stories you’ll come up with to go along with the new Santa’s Submarine Flatcar. No doubt this car will be a treat for kids of all ages with its removable sub. The car retails for $69.99.


6-29699 Silver and Gold Mint Car

The new Silver and Gold Mint Car comes decorated in Christmas decor and loaded with bars of silver and gold bullion. This classic car will look great in any Christmas consist. With die-cast sprung trucks and a metal frame it retails for $69.99.


6-39364 2013 Christmas Boxcar

And of course we couldn’t leave 2013 behind without our annual commemorative boxcar. This year’s car features a silver background, green sides and ends and a red door with graphics of a classic toy train rushing through the snow. The car features sprung metal trucks, metal frame and opening doors and retails for $59.99.

See your dealer or visit to add to your Christmas collection today. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas from Lionel Trains!



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