New Product Spotlight – Lionel Junction Starter Sets

31 03 2014

Looking for an affordable way to get a child started with electric trains? Look no further than Lionel’s four new Lionel Junction starter sets! Featuring the LionChief Remote control and sounds, we’ve designed these fun sets to stir the imagination and invite interactive play.

Little Steam

6-81286 Lionel Junction “Little Steam” Set

From dinosaur adventures to pet rescues, kids will love developing their own worlds and stories around these trains. These sets are designed for easy assembly and operation so your young engineers can get right to the fun. And while you get everything you need to get started, these sets are designed to grow as your children look for new adventures.

LionChief Remote


The LionChief Remote is easy to use and filled with fun features.

All four of these sets feature the LionChief Remote control system. There is no complicated wiring – just plug the wall pack into the track and your home outlet. The hand-held remote control includes speed and direction in one knob with three buttons for the whistle, bell and fun sounds customized to each train.

Each set, like all of our other LionChief Remote sets, has its own radio frequency. This means you can run multiple trains on the same track without any extra wiring! You can also run your set engines on other layouts that use conventional or command control – making these the perfect starter set for families with existing layouts as well. All these engines need is 18 volts of AC or DC power and their remote control.

Easy Assembly


6-81031 Lionel Junction Dinosaur Diesel Set

A circle of FasTrack is provided to get you started. This track snaps together quickly and easily and will stay locked together. Safe for operation on a platform or on the floor – even carpet – you don’t need a large dedicated space for the train. When you’re finished, simply pull the sections apart until next time. FasTrack can be put together and taken apart hundreds of times without failure.

Additional straights, curves, switches, crossings and accessory tracks are all available separately to expand your set.

With the track together, just plug in the power supply and you’re ready to go! The cars of these sets are equipped with two-wheel trucks and fixed couplers so they’ll be easy for small hands to put on the rails and couple yet sturdy enough for trouble-free play.

Designed to Grow

tank car

An add-on tank car is available for each set.

Sets can be combined with each other and with add-on track sections to create larger and more elaborate track plans.

You can also expand the trains with additional cars. An add-on tank car is available to match each of these sets. These will work with all other O Gauge trains as well.

Diesel Sets

Our two diesel-powered sets, 6-81031 Dinosaur Diesel and 6-81288 Pet Shop Express, include all of the following:

pet shop

6-81288 Pet Shop Express

  • Vulcan diesel switcher with
    • LionChief Remote control
    • Powerful maintenance-free motor
    • Diesel engine sounds and user-activated horn, bell and special dinosaur / animal sounds
    • Separately applied bell and ladder details
    • Working headlight
    • Fixed couplers
    • Traction tire
    • Sturdy plastic construction
  • Boxcar
  • Gondola with removable loads (dinosaur eggs and figures / animal figures)
  • Bobber Caboose
    • All cars feature metal wheels and fixed couplers
  • Circle (approx. 40″ outside diameter) of FasTrack
  • Wall Pack plug-in power supply
  • Remote Control (requires three AAA batteries – not included)

Steam Sets

Our two steam-powered sets, 6-81286 Lionel Junction and 6-81287 Union Pacific, include all of the following:


6-81287 Lionel Junction Union Pacific Set

  • “Kickapoo” steam locomotive with
    • LionChief Remote control
    • Powerful maintenance-free motor
    • Steam engine sounds and user-activated whistle, bell and special announcements
    • Separately applied bell and whistle details
    • Fixed couplers
    • Traction Tire
    • Stamped metal frame
    • Sturdy plastic construction
  • Boxcar
  • Gondola
  • Bobber Caboose
    • All cars feature metal wheels and fixed couplers
  • Circle (approx. 40″ outside diameter) of FasTrack
  • Wall Pack plug-in power supply
  • Remote Control (requires three AAA batteries – not included)

Each set has a retail price of $174.95. There has never been a better time to get started with Lionel Trains! See your favorite dealer to place orders today.



11 responses

31 03 2014

Well done Lionel! I am so happy to see these new set for children. Its just what the youngsters need. More play time spent using their imaginations will provide a lifetime of benefits!

31 03 2014
christopher Burger

“an affordable way to get a child started with electric trains?” 174.95 AFFORDABLE? Seriously? Ummmm I don’t think so. And they are all ugly sets! with 3 rails. All kids know trains don’t have three rails. What are you people thinking?

31 03 2014

How Come a steam set has diesel sounds?

31 03 2014

A typo Joe, the steam sets will have steam sounds. Thanks!

31 03 2014

I think these are cool little sets. How about one in Christmas colors?

31 03 2014

Hello Lionel Trains! I’m a generally happy customer, but I have a recent problem.

Last fall I bought a “Thomas the train” O-gauge starter set for a grandson.

We see in the instructions that there is a switch inside Thomas’ cab, to turn off (or on) the “chugh-chucgh” sound. First time we moved it, it broke. The black plastic switch thingy came out of the body. We were able to save it. Now I have it and took apart Thomas to see if I can put the switch back together. Which I did. BUT nothing happens when the switch is moved. I expect that there is another small metal part we lost when the switch body came apart.

Question: Can you please send me a new switch, so I can repair it? Yes, I’m sure that this could be covered under purchase warranty, but the hassel of working with seller ( is more trouble. Please advise how I can get a new switch and make the repair myself.

Thanks, Bob Cramer. (

Sent from Windows Mail

31 03 2014

Give our customer service a call at 586-949-4100. I believe the part you are looking for is No. 37 on this page: They’ll be able to get you squared away. Thanks!

4 04 2014
mike kaludjer

R/C railroading is a new generation’s entry into playing with trains.
4 kids get the full complement of Junction STARTER Sets. They pool their sets’ coupons (2/set) to buy @ 50% discount of the ADULT PRICE on 4-packs of extra straights & curves. Together their 8 coupons can buy a switch @ 2 coupons for 50% off ADULT PRICE.
8 coupons expand their four circles into TWO CONNECTED and concentric OVALS with a 3rd switch to a 3-track squiggly spur. Their STARTER sets’ four circles started them into becoming future Lionellers such as myself today.

By registering their STARTER set purchases, they’re entitled to a FREE JLC membership and NEWS quarterly of the Junior Lionel Club, like the adult version, but just for kids. They could interact with their kind in the Lionel Nation’s population via a new internet blog.
NOW these train sets can truly live up to their JSS label.

Lionel has reached back into the past and pulled forward yesteryear’s youngsters’ thrill of affordable (reduced prices & improved product) trains.
Louis Marx did it decades later, but missed his niche with unique couplers.

Junction STARTER Sets should not disappoint the kids’ with just a circle.
Get into their minds and see what would start them on the road to becoming Lionel’s future customers. THIS PRODUCT has the potential to grow with its buyers and lead them into being ardent Legacy proponents!

I play with O27. SHORT trains to fit stations and take D21 curves.
JSS rivals MTH sets in stable price (I hope) and conventional-LionChief mode.
Realism is for adults not grown-ups. The 4-wheel cars still run the rails and please my eyes.

6 04 2014
Conductor Andrew

Reblogged this on theredcaboose1.

16 12 2014
Stephani McKelvey

I just got the Lionel Junction & love it. But, is there a way to lower the volume?

29 12 2014
Mike kaludjer

Lucky you to have gotten a Junction set. I’ve been waiting nearly a year for my TWO of FOUR sets; I ordered all four. It’s typical of the 21st century Lionel to do the following:
1. create a must-be-had product at a comparatively CHEAP PRICE
2. under produce it so that it is out of stock before it hits the market
3. under deliver it to dampen the public’s appetite for this spectacular item
4. SOON TO BE COMING: no 2nd run for this economically pleasing toy
It is all for introducing Lion Chief PLUS for which their LOYAL customers’ re-energized beliefs and forgiveness restore Lionel’s bottom line – PROFITS!

It is a shame that Lionel’s CEO wasn’t around when Lionel strode into the future with their decades old attempt at electronically controlled trains. These current tactics would have propelled the then larger consumer population into saving the company from never having to go into bankruptcy.

I just ordered a Lion Chief Plus GP7 or RS3 @ $330 (CHEAP for Lionel.)
I don’t know which will arrive because most Lion Chief sets are out of stock at most retailers across Canada and the USA. The LCP product has cut into MTH’s consistent lead in the O-gauge lure of well-healed patrons WHILE still providing modern, mixable with Proto-2 & -3 trains, AND still mix with conventional transformer control including Lionel same priced sets..

My fervent, unspoken prayer is that Lionel comes out of its coma of grasping for PROFITS and re-connect with its founder’s original goal of good product at affordable prices. Mr. Cowen understood that sustained profits could be guaranteed with unswerving adherence to those tenets.
Those children grew up to become the adult buyers of today.
In other words, Lionel has become a pariah of Cowen’s success rather than continuing in his foot steps of building future buyer fans. Nowhere in all of Lionel’s vast array of products is their quality merchandise at a kid-affordable price. The LCP will not be incorporated into Lion Chief sets which would integrate conventional transformer control layouts with the new era of playing with trains.
PLAYING WITH TRAINS is what O-gauging is all about.
Many homes have conventional undecorated layouts with no hope of growing.
Bringing LCP into Lion Chief sets would blend old layouts with NEW, 21st century LIONEL (a magic name for so many still) equipment. THAT would bridge the past with the modern WITHOUT need of a costly and profitable, for now, system. TMCC should never have been shelved because it gave players SIMPLE control of their NEW trains. Trust the public to buy more trains when there is an advantage for them.

I apologize for writing such harsh criticism of Lionel. My words are directed at the decision-makers who lack foresight and wear blinders for the bottom line!

Mike, in Canada

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