Lionel Battle Train Makes a Huge Blast!

10 09 2013

We hope you’ve been enjoying our free-to-download iPad game, Lionel Battle Train! It’s been a huge hit, and we wanted to give fans a glimpse into the launch.                                

How’s Lionel Battle Train doing?

It’s been only a couple weeks since the launch of Battle Train, and we’re already thrilled by the game’s success. The game has enjoyed tens of thousands of downloads thus far, resulting in a healthy user base of Battle Train gamers. It continues to host thousands of daily users powering their way through missions and regions—and sharing progress with their friends.

Who’s talking about it?

We’re happy to share that Battle Train has been met with wonderful reviews from the press, too. Here’s a snapshot of what the media is saying about the game:

  • “There’s something very satisfying about building up a train loaded to the brim with weaponry.” –Andrew Webster, The Verge
  • “Train fights! With the actual Lionel license, too. Nifty!” –Lucas Thomas, IGN
  • “If you enjoy games that riff on genres like strategy and tower defense, Lionel Battle Train will present an interesting take on both.” –Phil Hornshaw, Appolicious
  • “It’s goofy, it’s a Battle Train, but it’s just silly fun!” –Russ Frushtick, Polygon
  • “…the addictive pursuit of constantly upping your rolling arsenal makes Lionel Battle Train an amusing freebie” –Nathan Meunier, MacLife
  • “This year, [Lionel is] riding a bullet train into the future with the release of its first mobile game, Lionel Battle Train.” –Neilie Johnson, Examiner
  • “It’s actually a really cool game!” –Mike Fahey, Kotaku

What’s coming up next for fans?

In our effort to make the game the best it can be, we’ve already submitted a new build to Apple. Keep on the lookout for an update coming to the game soon! We continue to listen to our users for suggestions and enhancements and are committed to building a great game. We’d love to hear about your Battle Train experience in the comments below.

In the meantime, if you haven’t played the game yet, check out real gameplay footage here and some screenshots below to see what you’re missing!

To play, download Lionel Battle Train for iPad from the App Store. From everyone here at Lionel, thanks again for helping to make this game a huge success.

Sneak Peek at Battle Train: Blasting through the Prairie, Desert, and Mountain Regions

25 07 2013

Everyone here at Lionel is excited about the upcoming launch of Battle Train, our free-to-download iPad game. Battle Train is packed with action, so prepare to battle tons of villains and take on all sorts of different missions. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect in the game:

dispatch 17 in prairie region


With the help of Dispatch 17 at the Lionel Delivery Company, you’ll defend the railway and protect cargo from an army of unmanned enemy Robocars. First, you’ll begin battle in the lush Prairie Region. Don’t get too comfortable here, because each successive region is more difficult than the one before it!



desert region



Next, you’ll fight against new enemies in the Desert Region. The terrain is dry and barren, and it’ll be up to you to blast through the fire-breathing Robocars to keep the precious cargo protected.

mountain region






If you’ve gotten this far, you’re in for the most difficult region yet: the Mountain Region. Fight through the dark and rocky area against more advanced Robocars in the third stage of Battle Train.



battle train switchyard


Wondering how you’ll make it through? Load up! Throughout the game, you’ll have access to the Switchyard, where you can deck your train with new armor and weaponry as you battle through the regions and fight to save the people. They’re counting on you to make it through each mission and deliver vital goods. Are you up for the challenge?


If you haven’t already, visit our Battle Train tab on Facebook to enlist to receive updates on the game. You’ll be of the first to know when the game is released so you can get in on the action. We hope you’re ready to defeat Dr. DeRaille and his army of Robocars in Battle Train. So accept your mission, and prepare for battle!

Lionel Tackles E3 – Mission Accomplished

21 06 2013

The Lionel team had a great time at E3 in Los Angeles last week! While many were surprised to see us at a video gaming conference, our booth sure turned a lot of heads, garnered positive interest and in many cases brought back great memories.

Equipped with several Ready to Run sets and our Legacy System (which was powered by an iPad) the booth drew huge crowds from train enthusiasts and gamers alike. Of course, the big buzz came from the introduction of our new Lionel Battle Train iPad app, displayed on two large monitors where attendees had a chance to try out the game and save the world from evil Dr. DeRaille’s enemy RoboCars.

We had the pleasure of talking to several folks at the show, and there was much excitement about Lionel embracing the digital age and making a statement around technology – both through Lionel Battle Train and our iPad-powered Legacy Set. Lionel continued to amaze viewers with the ability to show real train replication, incorporating sophisticated sound and movement engineering while displaying imagination with our new app.

An interesting trend evident during the show was that many of the gaming companies were pushing physical toys to accompany their games. AllThingsD reporter Eric Johnson actually wrote a great piece on this – and even mentions how Lionel is doing just the opposite. That said, we think Battle Train will be an excellent way to bring classic trains back into kids’ hands and develop a new generation of Lionel fans. Stay tuned and get your iPads ready – because we are only a few weeks away from bringing Battle Train to the iOS store!

For more information, go to

Lionel's E3 Booth

Lionel’s E3 Booth