Railroad Reporting Marks – Answer Key

How did you do on our reporting marks quiz?

  1. AA  –  Ann Arbor
  2. BN  –  Burlington Northern  Today these marks are property of BNSF. Reporting marks normally transfer to the new owners as part of a merger or acquisition. In addition to the time it take to repaint a large fleet of cars, because the marks on the car are also often tied to financial agreements for their purchase or lease, and to avoid major renumbering programs to avoid conflicts when combining rosters, cars may retain their original reporting marks for years after a merger. Some cars may even be repainted in the new corporate color scheme but will retain the original reporting marks.
  3. CSX  –  Central Soya Company  “X” is always the last letter for reporting marks owned by private (not railroad) companies. CSXT is the reporting mark for CSX Transportation, better known to most of us as simply CSX.
  4. DTI  –  Detroit, Toledo and Ironton  Today these are owned by Canadian National, via the Grand Trunk.
  5. ETTX  – TTX Corporation (Trailer Train)  Specifically, these marks are applied to TTX’s flatcars equipped with tri-level autoracks.
  6. FW&D –  Fort Worth and Denver  Originally a subsidiary of the Burlington (CB&Q), today these marks also belong to BNSF.
  7. GM&O  –  Gulf Mobile and Ohio  Today these marks belong to Canadian National, via the Illinois Central.
  8. HLCX  –  Helm Leasing
  9. ITC  –  Illinois Terminal  Today these marks belong to Norfolk Southern, by way of the Norfolk and Western.
  10. JBHU  –  JB Hunt  Intermodal containers have reporting marks ending in “U.” Trailers end in “Z.”
  11. KCS  –  Kansas City Southern
  12. LBR  –  Lowville and Beaver River
  13. M  –  Montour
  14. NOPB  –  New Orleans Public Belt
  15. ONT  –  Ontario Northland
  16. P&WV  –  Pittsburgh and West Virginia
  17. QC  –  Quebec Central  Canadian Pacific today
  18. RDG  –  Reading  Reading’s marks went to Conrail and then to Norfolk Southern. Former Reading cars transferred to CSX after the Conrail split were given “new” NYC (New York Central) reporting marks. “CR” (Conrail) and all of its other predecessor marks went to Norfolk Southern.
  19. SFRD  –  Santa Fe Refrigerated Dispatch A former division of the Santa Fe Railway, these marks were used on their reefers instead of ATSF. Today the marks are held by BNSF.
  20. TRRA  –   Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis
  21. UTCX  –  Union Tank Car (UTLX)  These marks are applied to UTLX’s covered hoppers.
  22. VC  –  Virginia Central
  23. WC  –  Wisconsin Central  These marks are owned by Canadian National today. They were used by both the original and re-incarnated Wisconsin Central railroads.
  24. XOMX  –  Exxon Mobile Corporation
  25. YV  –  Yosemite Valley
  26. ZCAX  –  Zinc Corporation of America

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6 06 2014
John T Vecchio

Thank you once more for freight car friday I enjoy it so much Thanks!

6 06 2014

Very interesting material!
Thnx, ~Lynne

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