Lionel-LCCA FasTrack Modular Railroad

The Lionel-LCCA FasTrack Modular Railroad is an easy way to get started in the hobby, network with friends, build a larger layout, or form the building blocks of your own home layout.

modular railroadUsing a set of standardized modular units, multiple modelers from across the country come together to create large layouts at conventions. And each piece is the unique creation of its owner.

Modelers can also use these modules to assemble home layouts or to simply create a display module in an apartment.

  • Introduction to the Modular Railroad – Includes links to assembly plans, and kit building instructions.
  • Plans and Standards –  NEW! Version 2.0 Everything you need to build your module from scratch. Updated version 2.0 includes the new small-radius corner module, plans for switches and sample modular layouts.
  • Kits and Jigs – Purchase an assembly jig or modular kits to make your modeling easier and guarantee a quality finished product. You’ll also find accessory bundles to get you started on your modular scenery.

26 responses

28 11 2012
Bill Collet

OK, so where do I find the “plans and standards” and/or the “kits and gigs” ???


29 11 2012

Here is the link to the plans:

And the kits and jig are available at

12 12 2012
Ken Kujak

Can a post-war train be converted to legacy automation?

13 12 2012

There are two options to do this. If you want to upgrade the locomotive itself, we do not offer any upgrade to full LEGACY. You can purchase an upgrade to TMCC from Electric Railroad however and this will give the locomotive command control. Check out for more details.

A second option is to use our Powermaster or TPCs to control any conventional locomotive with LEGACY via the track power. This will allow you to run all of your non-command locomotives without any modification. You can find more information on these in the “Wiring Your Railroad” pages here on the blog under the Model Railroad Projects tab.

22 04 2013
Jay Shapson

That is interesting. So I can buy a Powermaster and I can program different speeds automatically? Is that correct

15 12 2012
Sue & Lou Flores

how do you access the inside of your layout ?
My husband is in an electric wheelchair.
we are looking for suggestions or plans.
I once say a drawbridge , run by a motor by remote control,
Does anyone know of the group that is using such a devise ?
Thank You
Sue and Lou Flores

17 12 2012

Many clubs have built bridges like you describe. The modules have a plate on the floor to keep everything in line and through which all the wiring can be run. I’m sure if you check out some of the clubs at the next show near you, they’ll be happy to share their designs. These could be adapted to any type of module, scale or track.

20 12 2013
Andrew Falconer

The layout plan could be designed with reverse loops or in a dog-bone, that is curved together like the letter G so that there is access to the interior without a bridge.

29 07 2014
Ed Samsen

My suggestion would build it in a “Folded Dogbone” or “Folded Waterwings” design which could be done as a L, U C or G shaped configuration accessible to a power wheelchair Most of the layout would emulate a double track mainline

28 01 2013
Richard Schmitt

Would like to see the construction details of the cabinets used to transport the modules from site to site.

29 04 2013
Jay Shapson

I sent in a question. When should I expect an answer?

29 04 2013

Sorry Jay, I must have missed it. What was your question?

2 05 2013
Jay Shapson

The article above was interesting. I have an engine that was built in 1950. So I can buy a Powermaster and I can program different speeds automatically? Is that correct

13 05 2013

When will Lionel be offering the “Steel leg brackets” for sale individually?

13 05 2013

No, we do not have any plans to offer any of the hardware individually. When building the modules from scratch, you’ll have to substitute a leg bracket of your own design.

18 08 2013

I have been able to identify all other part sources to get each item indivudually except for the “Steel Leg Brackets”. If Lionel is not going to offer to sale the brackets could you please provide the original sourse from who Lionel gets the brackets from. I did go to my local metal shop and it is not cost productive to have them build it (to expensive). Help please!

14 06 2013
Jay Shapson

I hope you will be able to answer my question. I have an engine that was built in 1950. If I buy a Powermaster, can I program the Powermaster to run my engine at different speeds automatically?

24 06 2013
Jay Shapson

Can you answer my question?

24 06 2013

Sorry about the delay Jay. The powermaster is what you need to operate your old engine with TMCC. Here is a link to the users manual to help explain everything:

6 08 2013
Nick H

The drawing for the module steel leg bracket is in the file.

Any metal fabrication shop with a press brake should be able to make these for you. Just give them a copy of the drawing.

25 12 2013
doug Gardner

I’m trying to build different levels for my layout.what’s. Best wood or styrofoam?? Thanks

26 12 2013

Wood will provide much better strength and stability, especially given the weight of some of our trains. Foam (I’d recommend some of the insulating foam boards used in construction over Styrofoam) can be used for scenery and to support buildings, accessories, etc. but wood under the tracks will provide much more reliable operation.

21 01 2014
Jaime Arbelaez S

muchas gracias, vivo en cali colombia y quiero una direccion lo mas cerca posible para hacerme a unos extras para mi tren , que tengo hace 50 años y lo estoy volviendo a usar, por una respuesta , gracias…

6 08 2014

Are there any distributors of the modules with them set up to view in person in the DC Baltimore areas

6 08 2014

The modules are not sold through distributers. They are available only through Lionel or the LCCA directly.

16 11 2014
mike haftman

I purchased “The Great Western” train set with operating freight expansion set. The set supposedly had Lincoln logs and etc. I have 6 cars. The engine, the coal car, green box car, red box car (Lincoln log logo), cattle car, and the lighted caboose. I bought it used and it seems that all is there. I thought I read that I should have an operating log dump car. It seems that I got all the cars but it also stated having the expansion pack one can make 40″ x 60″ to 50″ x 70″
I have 8 curves pieces and 4 straight track pieces. So what is missing? Thank you for answering my question and yes it does work perfectly. 🙂

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